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Just some of the dresses we tried on
Well let me tell you Crowdtap and Old Navy sure do know the way to my heart... free clothes! As I posted earlier, I was lucky enough to be accepted into the Old Navy Dresses Sample Share. After browsing through the online selection to get an idea of what the store might have, I had put together the graphic from the previous post. Those were the dresses I intended to try on. I wanted a dress that was not too low cut, not too short, and hopefully could cover at least part of that area in front of my armpit.  I apologize in advance for the super long post but I want to be thorough because I am very excited!

Selection and Experience:

When we got there, I was pleasantly surprised that they had a nice selection of dresses. I tried on 9 or 10 dresses (a couple were the same in different colors/patterns) while there. The only thing that bummed me out was that some of the ones I wanted to try on were on clearance already which meant I could not use the coupon. The wrap front dresses as well as the teal ruffle front dress were all on clearance and not available in my size anymore. They did have the red ruffle front dress in my size and I tried it on anyway. I liked it and if they had it in the teal, I probably would have bought it. My friend really liked the printed wrap dress in serpent (green) but it was on clearance as well and didn't have her size left. The staff was very friendly during the trip. When I went into the fitting room, I asked if the lady could move me to the back by the three way mirror since we were doing a Sample Share and would be taking lots of photos. She was more than happy to move me and also unlocked one near it for when my friend arrived. We didn't need help finding dresses but I did need help finding the “Best Tees” because I had a coupon from the Facebook promotion and no tees were labelled “Best Tees”. The employee that I asked did not know either but after seeing the coupon, asked on the radio and showed me to them quickly and with a great attitude. Checkout... well let's just say that the cashiers were VERY excited to see our Crowdtap coupons. I told them about Crowdtap and the rewards to which I got the reply “ooooh it's the coolest thing EVER! I had somebody get free shirts too!” Her enthusiasm was really cute and I think she will be signing up. The other cashiers hadn't heard of the program but seemed pretty impressed as well. Overall, it was a great shopping trip. The store was clean, the staff was friendly, and the dress selection was better than expected.

These are the dresses I tried on along with the ones noted in the photo above it.  The ruffled chiffon maxi was WAY too long on me.  I had to stand all the way on my tippy toes to even keep it off the floor.  5" heels are not my friend so this automatically eliminated this dress.  The crepe tie-belt dress?  Yeah that was just as bad.  I felt like a giant and I do mean giant floral bouquet.  It looked much better on the hanger or manikin ;)  The smocked chiffon was so pretty in person.  However, it is definitely made for somebody with a smaller chest.  Because of my chest, the waistline ended up being much higher than it was supposed to so the way it puffed out (but over a shorted section) just didn't look good.  I know this dress would look beautiful on others though.  Both colors were nice and would go with a lot.  I did have the "not looking the way it is supposed to because of your chest" problem with the four dresses above as well, but it wasn't quite as noticeable.  And because of my not even 5'4" height, the dresses were longer on me than on the models (which for these was good) making them hit right at my knees.  I loved the lighter floral chiffon v-neck dress but with a 3-year-old with forever grubby hands, it would not have been a smart choice.  I liked the orange ruffled dress but the color was not as forgiving on my figure.  This left the blue ruffled dress and the pink floral chiffon dress.  There were things that I like better about each one.  I liked the cut (and ruffles!) of the ruffled dress but much preferred the floral pattern of the floral chiffon.  It was less granny flower looking to me.  I ended up getting the pink floral but if they had that material in the ruffled dress, I would have been in heaven.  
My friend hadn't looked at any dresses online prior to shopping so her eyes were fresh.  The first dress that she saw that she really liked was the printed wrap dress.  She liked both colors but really liked the serpent color (green).  Unfortunately it was on clearance already.  She considered buying it anyway but they did not have her size.  The belted tie-sleeve crepe dress is what she ended up going with.  The photo to the bottom right also shows me trying on the blue ruffled dress.  I am slouching which is not at all flattering.  I'll have to work on that.  The bottom left is the floral chiffon v-neck in both colors.  I ended up getting the pink and the lighter color was actually one of her top two.  She ended up getting the one above instead since it was more her style but she looked really nice in the floral as well she just wouldn't have worn it as often.  
I haven't worn my dress out anywhere yet.  This weekend we had a big storm come through so it was too cold, rainy, and windy to wear a dress.  However, I can tell you that they wash really well.  I tried it on that night to show my husband and he dropped the turkey that he was pulling off the bone right next to me splattering grease all over my brand new dress.  Let's just say that he is VERY lucky that it is machine washable!  It looks as good as new after going through the washer.  I am very happy with it and am really tempted to go pick up that other color!
The dress is still a little too loose to look perfect on my body (and not loose enough to look intentional) so I will probably get a thin springy belt to go with it or wear it with this sweater that goes nicely with it. I might even wear it on Easter with some dressy heels and a necklace.
I am beyond thrilled that I was chosen for another Old Navy Sample Share through Crowdtap!  The rejections are hard to swallow so getting an acceptance makes you dance a happy dance.  I won't be going for a couple weeks but wanted to show a preview of the Share.  Above is the image I put together of the "possibles".  

My criteria for the dress that I want:
- Can't be too short.  I don't mind just above the knee but don't want anything shorter than that.  Some of these might not make the cut but I'll have to try them on to know.  I'm not tall so these *should* work.
- Can't be too low cut.  I want to feel comfortable wearing out in public (hopefully even church) so this is important. The wrap-front might need a cami underneath but I think it would look fine with one so that is why it is on there.
- Can't be strapless or have really thin straps because I don't like my shoulder area.  

I am hoping that my store will have several of my choices in stock so that I will get to try them all on and find what works best for me.  Thank you Old Navy and Crowdtap for the opportunity! <3 
So remember when I promised an update on the other Private Selections desserts that I had tried?  Yes I remembered too but procrastination is one of my biggest flaws as a  person.  Anyway, the three I tried were Northern Spy Apple Crisp, Blueberry Peach Panna Cotta, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  The pineapple upside down cake was my husband's choice.  As much as I love pineapple (and it is one of my favorite fruits), it looses all appeal to me when it is cooked in any way, shape, or form.  It was very quick and easy to make.  While I was not a fan, my husband said it was good and moist.  He was also the one who picked out the panna cotta.  To be honest, we didn't even know what panna cotta was.  It looked like cheesecake to me which is another thing on my list of food to avoid (yuck!).  I followed the directions with the exception of flipping it onto a plate.  Since it was not for guests, I didn't really care about presentation.  The taste... boy was it delicious!  Apparently panna cotta is custard and it is fabulous!  Let's put it this way, my husband is lucky that he got some ;)

Last but not least... the apple crisp.  Like the others, it required quick and easy prep.  The outcome was great.  It did not taste like the sticky, gooey mess that is the apple crisp from tv dinners.  The apples tasted more fresh and the crisp part was ... well... crisp.  It tastes as close to a home baked apple crisp as I feel is possible with a pre-packaged frozen product can (especially one prepared in the microwave).  If you find any of the desserts from this brand on a decent sale, I'd give them a try.  Out of the three I have tried (I did try the pineapple cake but am not counting it since I don't like ANY pineapple cake), I loved all of them.  The lava cakes are still my favorite.  Seriously, they are sinfully delicious.  The above three items, I didn't get free from Bzzagent but I got them on a great sale a couple months ago and tied into my campaign.  I could have gotten credit for this post if I had actually posted it during the campaign... doh!
Photo from the Comforts website, click on it to go to there.
The Kroger family of stores has a baby line called Comforts.  They make everything from diapers to wipes to formula and beyond.  With the current campaign from BzzAgent, I got a great little BzzKit.  I was sent a set of two sippy cups, a full size container of wipes, and a coupon for a free package of diapers or training pants (as well as some 20% off coupons to pass out).  I just love seeing that bee tape in my mailbox (the BzzAgent bee not the Comforts bee above); it always means that I am about to open something great.

We are past the sippy cup stage so I am going to save those for a friend.  However, they looked like they were great quality and had the spill proof valves.  I have read many great reviews on these particular cups.  Wipes on the other had we use often.  They have so many different uses.  The Comforts wipes are very good quality.  I prefer thicker wipes like Huggies or Pampers Thickcare (regular Pampers wipes are too thin) because you do not have to use as many.  Usually store brand wipes are very thin (sometimes even thinner than regular Pampers wipes) so they have to be extremely cheap for me to buy them.  I was pleasantly surprised when I opened these and found that they were thick.  No odd smells were present which is a plus.  Actually, I couldn't detect any odor at all which is rare even with "odor free" wipes that you usually get.  

My little one who is almost four still cannot get through the night without accidents.   Because of this, we still have to buy diapers or pullups.  Comforts brand diapers and training pants are of great quality while being much cheaper than name brand.  They are not the cheapest store brand but Kroger (and affiliate stores) to put them on sale fairly often.  I would recommend them.  

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the Comforts line.  If you are interested in trying the wipes, formula, or baby/toddler accessories, there are ecoupons to load to your Kroger (or affiliate) card through the Comforts site.  Click on the image above to check out the info and coupons.
So in case you hadn't noticed, I've been gone for a... while.  About a month of this was an unplanned but intentional break.  Then I ... well, I lost my passwords.  Yes, plural.  The list with the password to my site, twitter, email, etc grew legs and walked off.  Basically anything dealing with the blog was unaccessible.  Today, I finally decided to have everything reset.  I dislike doing this because with my disorganization, before long I will end up with five different password lists.  No, this time I will do better and not lose my list.  I hope. Now that I gave in, I will probably find my old list within a week.  That's just how things work right?  Anyway, I have sooo many posts to catch up on.  You'll be sick of me within a week ;