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Aren't these tractor rain boots so cute?!  I got them for $1.05 including tax from Piper Lime (Old Navy's more expensive cousin) when there was an awesome referral deal that gave you $25 credit.  My boys already have rain boots so I got these two sizes bigger than what my oldest wears now so that they will most likely fit next spring.  He is going to love them!  And I loved the price ;) 
As I mentioned earlier, my newest Crowdtap Sample Share for Old Navy is for their Best Tees.  Half of my tops that I have are Old Navy tees both long sleeve, short sleeve, and in between.  They come in two basic fits... the Perfect fit and the Vintage fit.  The Perfect fit tee is more fitted which is what I prefer so I have a lot of these.  The vintage is a little more loose and also comes in some heathered colors to match the vintage name though they do have some regular colors as well. I do have some of these as well.  After looking online at the selection, there are three types of shirt that I am looking at (though I will still look at others if they have additional colors in store or if they have v neck short sleeve tees).  I like the Perfect Henley shirt (I already have this in charcoal gray), the Perfect v-neck long sleeve tee (I already have a couple of these as well and would consider it in short sleeve too if they have it), and the Vintage V-neck long sleeve tee (you guessed it... I have a couple of these).  From looking at the photo, you can see that I don't have a particular color in mind this time.  I am open to several colors (or maybe even more if there are other colors available) though there are a few colors I don't look good in so I wouldn't consider (yellow, orange, most light pastels, and I don't wear white).  And I do not need any more gray shirts so I won't be getting those.  I have 4 (I think?) Old Navy tees already... a short sleeve charcoal gray perfect henley, a long sleeve light gray perfect crew neck tee, a heathered gray vintage tee, a long sleeve charcoal gray (I think vintage fit)... oh and a medium gray 3/4 length sleeve Old Navy tee that is not from their "Best Tees" line.  I am open to pinks, purples, blues (can you believe I don't have any navy blue long sleeve tees?!), that light red above, aqua/teal, and natural colors like the top right.
... does anybody else think that it would have been easier (and more convenient) to have had the 7 day challenge for Clear in a sample bottle instead of 7 individual packets of shampoo and conditioner?  Don't get me wrong, it's a cool sample.  But as I opened the box and a handful of packets fell out, I just laughed.  
Sorry in advance for the time stamps. These are actually from my camera before I turned it off in the settings.
It is over a year since I was supposed to post this so I'd say "late" would be the understatement of the year. But hey better late then never right?  I got this little beauty from a limited time program that BzzAgent was doing in fall of 2011 (I didn't end up getting it until around New Years last year) called the Daily Bzz.  I had tried for a few of the Daily Bzz campaigns because they had some really neat ones.  This is the only one I got into but it was perfect for me as I had been wanting an immersion blender for a while.  My oldest son helped me win it by starring in my video entry.  He was just as excited as I was when I found out that I had won one of them.  Then came the daily questions on whether it was here yet.  The answer was no for a few MONTHS as they had gotten very backed up.  I was squealing with glee when I opened the package though.  To add to the excitement, BzzAgent sent me the "brushed chrome" color!  I had assumed they were going to send the white because it is cheaper than the colored line but I was pleasantly surprised as this color matched my other small kitchen appliances much better.  Also included is a handy, dandy measuring cup that you can blend in.  It works great for doing protein shakes and smoothies in.  I used it a lot for that when I first got it.  Since then I have gotten a Vitamix that takes care of all of my smoothie needs (and beats the veggies to a pulp).
My first projects were applesauce and apple butter.  I washed the apples and cut them off the core.  Then I just tossed them in a pan with a little water, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  After cooking on low until they were soft, I took them off the heat.  Next, I blended with the Smart Stick right in the pan until smooth.  After separating the amount I that I wanted for the applesauce (it was done), I added more of the spices and continued cooking on low until it thickened into apple butter.  I love this cooking method since it requires no dicing or peeling.  This saves me time as well as leaving the nutrients from the skin in the food.  And lets's not forget that there is not an ounce of added sweetener so it is healthy!  Below is the applesauce (which didn't last until it cooled all the way) and I didn't get a photo of the apple butter as it was later when I finished that.  The boys scarfed both things down though and I thought it was pretty good too if you ask me.
The Smart Stick saved time and dishes.  Without it, I would have had to spoon it into a blender then back in.  Cleanup was an absolute breeze.  The bottom portion pops off with the press of a button and rinses clean very easily.  Thank you BzzAgent, you have made my life easier with this campaign <3 
        The other day, there was an AMAZING deal on  You had to go sign up for a free account on another site and they would give you a $20 gift card code.  The catch?  In order to get the lowest possible price for your order (shipping was pretty expensive), you had to buy a $4 (yes $4!) briefs (yes UNDERWEAR briefs) key chain that qualified your order for $.99 shipping.  The $5 total for the key chain, which I got in gray, was less than shipping would have been so sure why not.  In the end, I got two awesome bras (plus the key chain) for less than $2 shipped that would have been $66 total originally just for the bras.  Now from the photo above, it definitely does not look as large as it is in real life (it looks maybe Barbie sized), not like I would have actually used it on my key ring anyway.  I don't like waste so what to do with it?  Well, they ended up being the perfect fit for my son's boy doll Tommy.  He is a potty training doll (yes he has boy parts) that has a bottle that you feed him water with then sit him on the potty he came with.  He has clothes ... a shirt, a visor, and pant/short things but no diaper or underwear.  Now he does ;) 
Today I got into not one but two product samplings!   My favorite ... a Crowdtap/Old Navy sample share!  This time it is for two of their tees.  It is the smallest (value wise) that I have done but I just love their tees.  I actually have a ton already partially because I picked up several during that amazing January clearance that I mentioned earlier.  The "perfect fit" ones are my favorite and this will give me the opportunity to get some additional colors.  I also got into the Campbell's To Go soup campaign from  I won't actually eat it because it has meat in it but my husband will love it and it will be one less thing I need to buy when grocery shopping so that makes me happy.  He loves testing new things just like me so he really should have his own account... 

How about you?  Have you gotten into any programs lately?
This past Sunday we were browsing the clearance at Target.  It was pretty neat to find that they had the winter stuff on clearance for 70% off.  We have been wanting to buy a sled or something and a snow shovel just in case we ever got enough snow here.  But I didn't want to spend a lot since this side of 95 (in this area) doesn't generally get very much snow at all.  At 70% off, we picked up a snow shovel for $2.98.  They did have the nicer, bigger, better quality ones but considering we don't even technically need one since any snow we do get usually melts the same day, the cheap one is more than sufficient.  The more exciting deal though was the snow tubes.  We decided to get one of the doubles for only $5.98!  I was planning on keeping it in the box that way if we never used when we moved again, we could sell it to get a few bucks back.  Today after seeing that we really did get several inches of snow, I wish we would have gotten one more double (or at least one of the singles that were $5.08).  The temperature is not below freezing so the snow is kind of sloshy so we went out first thing in the morning.  It was wet snow but still very fun.  My husband stayed out with the boys when I came in to start heating up the water for hot chocolate (I did not have proper boots so my feet were cold and wet).  I looked out the window and saw that the snow "flakes" were more like snow "chunks" falling from the sky.  Seriously, some of them were over an inch wide and not flake-looking at all.  What is the weather near you like today?
Above is a photo of our Meatless Monday dinner.  I have recently (a about 5 weeks now) become a vegetarian.  It actually had nothing to do with the MorningStar Farms campaign though I know the timing looks suspicious.  The MorningStar Farms Bzz campaign introduced me to a lot of foods that I thought I would have to give up though.  I have already done a post on the burgers.  Today I am going to go through some other foods that I have tried afterwards.  I have really been impressed with the taste and texture of everything that I have tried.  The only thing that really disappoints me about the company is that they still use GMO ingredients.  When many competitors out there such as Gardein and Lightlife (I hadn't even heard of these brands before coming a vegetarian) are supporting GMO labeling and all of their products are non-GMO.  This will not stop me from buying MorningStar Farms but it will make me eat it much less than I probably would have.  Anyway, back to what I tried.  Tonight I made sesame, "chik'n" noodles w/ mustard greens, water chestnuts, etc.  It was delicious!  Since it was my first time using the Chik'n Strips, I decided to try a small piece by itself (was cooked in a little bit of sesame oil) before adding it to the rest of the dish.  It was actually good.  Not exactly like chicken but the first meatless "meat" that I actually liked alone.  In the dish, it picked up the other flavors and really did taste like chicken.  My son actually thought it was chicken until he saw me eating it then he said it must be fake chicken since mom is eating it.
When I went back to the commissary to use my $1 coupons, I was very excited that MorningStar Farms products were on sale for $2.50! Score!  I actually used my free coupon on the Three-Bean Chili w/ Grillers Crumbles.  My husband is a chili addict.  He is not a chili snob at all and likes almost every chili he has ever tried.  Of course he has had some favorites but I don't think I have every seen him say that he didn't like chili.  He was very skeptical when I told him I was heating this up for him.  I don't know why.  He has tried so many meat replacement products now (and like them) that he should just treat it like any other new food.  The verdict?  He liked it (big shocker).  I actually heard him talking about it on the phone to his brother.  He likes to complain to anybody who will listen that I have become a vegetarian in hopes that they will "take his side" and try to convince me to give it up lol.  But I overheard him saying "but some of the fake things she gets are actually pretty good" and he went on to talk about how he liked the chili and the burgers and the chicken patties.  HA!  This was one of my least favorite products that I have tried thus far   And actually it was not the crumbles (the fake ground "meat") that I didn't care for, it was just the seasoning.  I am pretty picky when it comes to chili.  Even when I did eat meat, I was never fond of Wendy's chili which so many people rave about.  
My favorite product?  The Italian Herb Chik Patties!  Talk about amazing!  When I made us some "chicken" patty sandwiches, they were devoured too fast to take a photo.  We had them with sliced tomato, lettuce, a little mayo, and swiss (though provolone or mozzarella would have been fantastic as well) cheese on toasted potato bread because we didn't have buns.  They were very delicious and as usual the texture was very chicken patty-ish.   I actually liked them so much that when I went to the store last week, I picked up another pack even though I had no coupons... shocker!   Sorry I could only take a photo of the box for you but you have to admit, their photo on the box is yummy looking.  Have you been entering the meatless monday giveaways on their page every week?  No luck yet but I have been entering every week and you get an extra entry for entering a upc code.  This week is a 17 piece Pyrex baking set.  Next week is a Cuisinart Electric Hotdog Roller ... ok a little weird lol.  Enter here :)