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Well tonight I got to spend some time with E (the person not the drug o_O) shopping for some activewear for free courtesy of Crowdtap and Old Navy.  After my amazing trip for the winter Active sample share (you can read about that here), I was expecting a lot.  To be honest, when I first walked in, I was a bit underwhelmed.  Then as I started browsing, it got a little worse because somethings from the somewhat small selection were already clearance.  From my selection photos, it looks like there is a lot of selection but most of the tops were sports bras and a good portion of the tops and bottom from the photos were clearance and just mixed in.  All of the things that are crossed out in red were not available at all in my store (I was really looking forward to that top, faux layered tank).  As you can see, it's a lot of red.  Then the orange was because the padded cami was not available in those colors.  In fact, it was only available in gray.  
I actually really liked the padded cami (if I had chosen this, I would have had to go up a size though because my girls could not breathe) and strongly considered it.  In the end I chose to get another compression jacket even though I know that I won't be able to wear it for a few months because of the heat.  You already know how much I love them.  The padded cami looked great and was both practical and versatile.  Since I was going to get it free, I chose the $35 jacket to put away for the fall.  I figure that Old Navy will more than likely have a 40-50% off and since the cami is regularly priced at $20, I am taking the chance that I can grab it for a reasonable price.  The bubble top was ok but probably not something that I would wear to workout.  Many of it's colors were clearance already.  The mesh tee was ok but not my favorite.  
My biggest disappointment was the selection of bottoms.  It has already been hot in this area and almost all of the bottoms were long pants.  There were some shorts (not my thing) and only one type of capris (in 3 I think? colors) that were not clearance.  They did not have the skort that I really wanted to try to see if it was long enough on me.  I honestly was shocked the proportion of pants that they had.  Most stores have already been taken over by shorts and capris by now and just have a few pants for those that use them year round.  I got the black with pink detail capris shown above.  I love them.  I loved the way they felt and fit.  I wasn't sure which ones I was going to get between those and the same pair with blue but I went with the pink since I have a hot pink athletic tee.  I love the two pieces that I got so overall the trip was success.  I think that E got the outfit from the bottom right photo.  
I forgot to post this preview earlier but better late than never right?  I love love love the top faux layered tank.  It has coverage and comes in great colors.  The padded cami is cute and look versatile (able to be worn with non workout clothing).  Since the pants are too long, there are several capris that I want to try.  My favorite item though?  The skort.  It has compression shorts (love compression gear but don't like the lack of modesty of tight, thin material on my bum) but is covered up with a skirt.  If it fits longer on me than it does on the model in the photo (which Old Navy clothing usually does), it will be the perfect bottom for hot summer workouts.
Remember when I posted about Children's Mucinex here?  Well Smiley is doing another one of those contests where you take a super quick survey and you are entered to win a $200 gift card.  Easy peasy! And if you win, I win!  Then I'll love you forever ;)  Go here to enter.
The image is from the Tastykake site. For more information on the product, click on it and it will take you there.
One of the items from the Spring Fever Voxbox that I recently got for free from Influenster was the new (I think it's new anyway, I've never seen it before) Tastykake Kandy Bar Kake.  I got the S'mores flavor which at first really bummed me out because I can't eat marshmallows now (gelatin... ground bone and stuff... boo).  But after reading through the ingredients a few times, found that there is no gelatin so they must use a marshmallow fluff/creme type product.  Yay I can eat it!  "You're going to share with me right?" says the husband.  Crap really?!  "yes of course" I say grudgingly.  I grew up loving Tastykakes (I am a Jersey girl after all) then didn't have them in CA and the selection in TX was lacking.  We are back on the east coast for now and let me tell you, they are still as good as they used to be.  When I was in high school, I used to tutor another student who paid me in Butterscotch Krimpets.  I kid you not, I worked for Krimpets.  And Kandy Kakes?  Yuuuummmm.  These Kandy Bar Kakes are light fluffy cakes with a creamy center and covered in the best food group ever ... chocolate.  What?  Chocolate is not a food group?  Crap.  Well anyway, these were delicious.  By looking at the three available flavors online, I think that the Reeses is probably the best but the S'mores were great as well.  They do not take over as my favorite but they are right up there.  The product information that I was given says that they are about $4.49 for the family pack but I have seen the Tastykake packs for as low as $2 on sale.  You can get over to their website where you can see all of their products and where you can buy them by clicking on the image above or here.
This awesome package that I received today is the "spring fever voxbox" from Influenster.  It came with five products that are all new to me.  Reviews coming soon but I was so excited, I needed to give a sneak peak ;) And if you must know, the Kandy Barkakes is gone.  I did share though :)
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Well it has been a while since I have received anything from She Speaks.  They completely changed the way their website was set up so I honestly didn't even know if they did product testing anymore.  Imagine my surprise when they sent me an email saying that I might qualify for a selection of some of the most loved products from P&G (Procter and Gamble)!  Everybody got different products and some lucky bloggers got a biiiig box full (lucky them!).  The items that I got were the Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay, the Venus & Olay razor (with an extra pack of refills), the Gillette Fusion Proseries soothing moisturizer, and a Covergirl Perfect Point Plus self-sharpening eye pencil.  

All of these products were new to me except for the Dawn Renewal.  When it first came out, there were $1 off coupons in the P&G Brandsaver (one of the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts) just about every month and Dawn goes on sale for $1 at CVS very often.  So I had a free stock of the stuff for the longest time (I still have some left since we use the dishwasher for most things).  The product really does leave your hands feeling softer than other dish soaps.  While I like it, it does not have the ultra power of the original blue Dawn (no other brand or other version of Dawn does either) so for certain heavy duty tasks, I still have to have that around.  But on a regular day to day washing basis, you don't need that much grease cutting power and this detergent works lovely.  I love Dawn's apple scent so I think it would be amazing if they could come up with an apple scented dish detergent with the Olay moisturizers in it. 
PictureA look at the moisture bars

             The first thing I noticed about the razor when I opened it up was the scent.  It smelled soooo good that I sat there smelling it over and over.  I'm pretty sure my husband thought I was nuts because he kept giving me weird looks.  It's ok, it smelled amazing.  It fit in my hand nicely and moisturized very well.  The only problem was that since the head is so big (because of the moisture bars), it missed some spots around my knees and ankles.  So I now have a love/hate relationship with it because of this.  I have a more thorough comparison of this and the Schick Hydro Silk razor that I got free from BzzAgent coming up within the next couple of days.

The Gillette Fusion Proseries soothing moisturizer is an after shave moisturizer.  My husband doesn't generally use after shave products but since this came free, he used it.  Hours later, his skin was still soft even though the prickles were starting to come in.  Normally his skin will be dry a while after shaving and if it is in the winter, it sometimes even starts to flake.  After using this product, his skin was soft without being oily.  I haven't priced this product yet so I'm not sure if it is worth it's price but he did think "it was fine." You love his enthusiasm right?

              I have not tried the eye pencil yet.  It looks pretty awesome though.  One side has the "self-sharpening pencil" that I assume twists up and then the other side has a smoothing tip to be able to blend the color.  The product says that it is a long lasting liner that is water resistant.  I don't wear makeup (besides lip stuff) often which is why I haven't tried it but it looks promising.  I have used similar types of eye liners and liked them.

I know I know I have been slacking the past couple of weeks.  I have some new things that I need to get written up and posted within the next couple days so keep an eye out.  By the way, for any Crowdtap members, how are you liking the big changes?  I have to say I am nooooot a fan.  More on that later though.