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From the photo it looks like a disaster and to be honest, there was some disappointment.  The service in the store was good.  The manager was friendly and tried to be as helpful as she could.  The cashiers were curious about the coupons as usual and pretty impressed with them.  

Sunglasses:  First of all, Old Navy apparently carries a new line of sunglasses that are not Old Navy brand.  We were told right off the bat that we could not use the coupon on these.  I was shown to the rack of sunglasses that we could get and they were not very impressive.  Most were cheap and/or kiddie looking in my opinion.  I did find two pairs that I liked but they both had clearance stickers on them.  Most did so I asked the manager and she said if they all did, she would price adjust.  When we got up to checkout, even though mine was the only pair that had the clearance sticker, they all were apparently clearanced so she had to price adjust all of them. 
It was a bummer that the coupon even though stating "any flip flop" was only good for the basic flip flops.  These are 2/$5 (or like $3.94 each) on a regular basis and $1 each for cardholders today (or $1 each for everybody next Saturday).  It was especially disappointing since the questions in the discussion were asking us to look at and give feedback on the whole line.  However, I had heard other tappers feedback before going so I was able to tell my guests which ones were included right off the bat which saved me from their disappointment (and my embarrassment) so thank you fellow tappers.  Old Navy/ Crowdtap please be more clear with wording on the coupons in the future and also on the discussions, please don't ask us about stuff that we are not able to use our coupons on.  I do love Old Navy basic flip flops.  I already have silver, gray, bronze, and the light blue because they are affordable and comfortable.  This time I was torn between purple, magenta, and red.  I went with the purple and so that the bottom didn't get dirty quickly, I got the purple strap on brown bottoms.  
The bag situation was pretty disappointing too.  The straw bags were all either sold out or clearanced.  The canvas bags (like the ones that say "surf" and words/phrases like that) were cute but were much smaller than they looked online and they were VERY thin.  Many of the other nice styles from online were either sold out or clearanced.  We walked around for quite a while looking for bags.  In the end, three of us got the tropical looking bag (2 in the coral/orange/brown color and 1 in blue/purple/green) to use for beach use.  The striped bag on the right was apparently clearance even though it was not on a clearance rack and did not have a clearance sticker.  The manager said she could not adjust something that big so she had to go find something else.  She ended up with a brown woven purse.  None of us were in love with any of the bags.  They also had very few hats and did not have my floppy straw hat.  I guess it ended up being good because it saved money for me but I really loved it :(
They did not have the towel I wanted but they had at least 6 different kinds.  I got this awesome zebra print and am happy.  The only negative to say about the towels is that they fell kind of cheap and were very thin.  I am not complaining as it was free but I definitely would not have paid full price for it.  The above picture is my final selections.  The trip was not as flawless as it should have been.  Old Navy should not have sent us for the party after the majority of those items were already on clearance (or the coupons should not exclude clearance) and the selection of beach accessories should be bigger especially considering we are only in June!  However, free is free and I do like my accessories.  I already wore my sunglasses since I had forgotten my other pair at home.  Even with the frustration with the bags, the girls were really happy with their free stuff.  I didn't really explain much about what they were getting ahead of time so they thought that they were going to be posing with stuff then choosing one thing.  They were surprised when I told them that each one of them were going to get all four items free and now what to find out how to sign up for crowdtap.
Ok, so I am doing the "pre party" and "post party" posts back to back because... well, because I slacked hardcore on blogging... again.  So this is the image that I had put together before the party.  Old Navy parties vary from the sample shares in the fact that you take 3 people with you instead of one.  This party is for beach accessories.  The original question told us to look at flip flops, beach towels, beach bags, and sunglasses. My photo is pretty self explanatory so check it out ;)