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Well it's officially Christmas.  I am sitting here late at night typing this post when I should be... sleeping?  I have never been good at sleeping on Christmas Eve.  Call me a little kid if you must.  Well I decided to at least make it a productive sleepless time.  So here is my newest Old Navy/ Crowdtap Sample Share.  I have never actually tried on Old Navy's activewear before except for a sports bra that I got on clearance a couple years ago when they did the monsterously good Old Navy Night coupons ($50 or $75 off a $100 purchase which I filled with already drastically reduced clearance clothing).  Anyway, this sports bra is one of my favorites for working out. It has not lost it's elasticity, is moisture wicking, and ... a pretty color (because that is important :P ).  I have heard rave reviews on the line though so I was excited.  What made me even more excited?  Looking online.  The selection looked fantastic and they had a lot of purple.  You'd think that there was a very limited selection of colors based on my image below but, no.  I just LOVE purple.  To say that it is my favorite color (especially to wear) is an understatement.  So I was bound and determined to get something purple this time.  I did add a few non-purple items just in case the purple items didn't work like on the dress share :( but I really want it to work out this time.  There are a lot of things there but there are actually a LOT more that I wouldn't mind getting, these are just my favorites.  Again, great selection.  This is also after many things have already sold out online.  One item that really stood out to me was the compression jacket (top middle) in all three of the colors shown.  I love the extra long sleeves with thumb holes so that they don't ride up while working out.  Colorwise, I love the blended colors though I do wish they had this jacket in the color purple of this running top here.  If they did, I would not even try on anything else, I would just pick that right away!  As far as bottoms, there were a lot of shapes, lengths, and colors to choose from.  On the discussion board for the share, the compression line (pants, capris, and tops) have gotten amazing reviews. I'm not sure if pants will work since I am short and I have heard a lot about the Old Navy pants being long but I hope they do.  I already have a couple pairs of capris so I would like a pair of pants in case I actually feel like working out outside (more likely just wearing them *not* working out).  I don't wear shorts in public.  My thighs are allergic to the public.  However, if for some reason, nothing else works, it wouldn't kill me to have another pair of shorts for around the house (though I certainly don't need any more).  Well, off to sneak down and stuff the santa hats.  Yes, I said hats.  We have been so busy that we haven't had time to dig out the stockings so we laid out santa hats that happened to be sitting in a bag in our livingroom.  We're flexible like that ;)  Merry Christmas to all
First of all I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas!  I hope you all have a blessed time with family and/or friends.  I will be busy busy this upcoming week so those posts may not happen this year.  Maybe they will get up on the 30th or 31st though ;)

Tomorrow, Sears Outlet is having a Free Apparel Day.  They haven't done one (without strings anyway) in a couple months (I think the first Tuesday of October was the last time) but brought one for the holidays.  I don't know if you will need to print a coupon this time or if showing your Shop Your Way Rewards card will be sufficient. They will probably post the details in the morning on their facebook page here.  Will I be going?  Probably not.  Our day tomorrow is really full with little give.  Also, I don't think I want to battle the crazy procrastinators who leaving their Christmas shopping for Christmas Eve for the few precious parking spots lol.  But I did want to mention it in case you are one of those crazies or if you will be near a Sears Outlet with apparel.  

**Update:  I no longer will recommend any Sears owned company.  In fact, I highly encourage you to take your business ANYWHERE else!  For my reasoning, check out this post here.
And the winner is.... Joyce!  I have sent you an email.  Please respond within 48 hours with your address so I can send you your prize.  
The giveaway for the Covergirl Blast Flipstick in the "Minx" color ends on 12/12/12 at noon (eastern time). There are VERY few entries so your chances are very good.  Up to three entries per person, see the original post here for details.  I do want to clear up that for the "facebook like" entry, you must like my facebook fan page for that entry not the post or a share that you did, etc (though you are welcome to do those too of course).  I do check to make sure that you have liked the page (and since I only have 13 likes as of now, it is easy to see when I have new likes :P ).  Thanks guys.

Coming up this month... I will finally post my Cuisinart Smart Stick (immersion blender) review and hope to have my first product testing writeup.  This will be a review of the site itself and my advice as to who would like it, whether it will be worth your time etc.  I want to start with one of the big ones so which would you rather see first BzzAgent or Crowdtap?
My latest Bzz campaign with BzzAgent is the new Blast Flipstick from Covergirl.  There are two shades of lipstick with every purchase.  One side is a darker, creamier color.  The other is a lighter, shimmery color.  The idea is that you can use the darker, use the lighter, blend them together for a third color, or use the lighter to accent, highlight, or create the new ombre look.  The ombre lips is not my thing.  To be honest, I think they look a little strange.  I received the product in Stunner, Vixen, and Minx.  So far I have tried both the Stunner and Vixen and like both.  The Minx is not a color that I would be able to pull off with my skintone so I am giving that one away (see giveaway below).  The lipstick itself is not anything special.  It is just lipstick.  The fact that you are getting two shades in one stick that coordinate beautifully is what sells the product.  Will this replace the products I usually use?  No.  I like the colors but I really am a lipgloss/liquid lip kind of girl.  If the product had a little bit of sheen, it probably would be my one stop lip shop.  However, because of the unlimited blending option, I will definitely add it into my lip rotation.  I would really like to try the Cheeky or Perky.  

This product actually reminds me of another Covergirl product that I have gotten from Bzzagent that I still use all the time.  Smoky Shadowblast has two coordinating creamy eye shadows on the same stick.  I had to go look it up on the website to see what it was called because the name has rubbed off of the one I have from frequent use.  Silver Sky is the color I have and I would also try Onyx Smoke or Bronze Fire.  I was shocked at the poor reviews.  After many, many applications, my stick has not crumbled or broken, nor have I had any problems with it creasing.  I tend to have a light hand with makeup so maybe the people that had problems with creasing were doing a more dramatic look.  

But for me, when I travel, I like to bring versatile things that can create multiple looks while not filling multiple bags.  Because of this, the Blast Flipstick, Smoky Shadowblast, and a simple mascara are all my makeup bag needs.  

The third color I got called Minx is just not a color that my skin tone would be able to pull off.  Therefore, I am going to give it away to a random reader (unopened of course) along with a couple of the $2 off coupons so that you can try other colors if you'd like.  Does it look like a color you could pull off?  Or do you know somebody who could rock it?  You can earn up to 3 entries per person.   You must be in the US to win.  A winner will be picked via  The giveaway ends on 12/12/12 at noon (eastern time).  Please use a valid email address as this is how I will contact you if you win (it will not be publicly visible and I will not use it for any other reason).

How to enter:
1- Simply leave a comment here on this post.  Comments must be approved (to avoid spam) so do not worry if you don't see your comment after you hit submit.  If you would like a $2 off coupon, let me know in this comment and I will send them out while supplies last.
2- Get an extra entry for liking RaeMartReviews on facebook then leave another comment here (on this post NOT on facebook) letting me know that you are a fan.
3- Share the giveaway on facebook then come back here and leave a comment letting me know that you did.

So I missed my November goal by a few days.  But I do hereby pledge to post on facebook by the end of tonight (eastern timezone!).  And guess what?  I got into another Old Navy Sample Share!  This is crazy to me because I used to have to be turned down like 5 times before I got my first and now I am being offered one before officially finishing the last one.  Am I complaining?  Heck no!  This time it is going to be for Old Navy activewear.  I am really excited about this one.  I have seen their activewear and it is really cute and let's be honest here, I NEED to start working out again.  I have gained 10 lbs since moving and that was not a weight that I was ever happy with anyway.  I do have one sports bra that I got back when I had a $75 off a $100 purchase coupon (was anybody around the deal scene back when they had Old Navy nights?  Oh how I miss them) and the bra had been on clearance.   Yes I am that cheap that even when having that kind of crazy high value coupon, I was still filling the $100 price by browsing the clearance racks.  You'd be shocked at how much I got for under $30 after taxes (think $400+ worth).  Anyway, back on topic, I love the sports bra.  It is really cute, because that is important in a bra ;) and very comfortable.  It will take me a few days to put together my initial image because there really are *that* many things that I see that I would want to try on.  Stay tuned.  And I am leaving you with a funny image that is so true and totally unrelated.
That would be me in the fitting room holding the pile of dresses that I tried on.  There are actually eight there it was just hard to show them all.  My friend is not shown because she is very camera shy and I promised her I would only use photos of her for my actual report to Old Navy and Crowdtap.  Originally I was bummed going into the sample share because an overwhelming amount of the dresses on the website said "online exclusive".  As previously posted, it was hard to find a handful to try on that I liked if the sweater dresses did not work for me.  Well when I got to the store, I was pleasantly surprised.  Even though all but one of the jersey dresses said that they were online only, they had a lot of them in the store I went to (a couple different styles and many colors in those styles) as well as a few other type dresses that had said online exclusive.  This made the variety much better.  I actually could not work the jersey dresses which was a bummer.  The wrap dress had a great cut and they had purple! more than one purple too! ... but... the jersey material was so thin that it clung to every. single. flaw. I was sad about this.  A free purple jersey wrap dress is pretty much my definition of the perfect dress.  The dark colors (navy blue and black are the others I tried) were a bit better but still I felt very self conscious.  If the fabric were thicker (while still being soft), I would have ended my search right there.  

I did try on the fit and flare dresses (in the cap sleeve and the 3/4 length sleeve) just to see.  I actually liked them better on than I did by looking at them online or on the hanger.  The cap sleeve seemed to have a weird neckline but on, it looked better.  This was a possibility for me. The reason I didn't get it was because it showed my arms and I would have had to worked out my arms (or lost weight) in order for me to feel confident in it during the spring or summer.  I would have liked it with a cardigan in the fall or winter though.  The purple was not my favorite shade of purple but still cute.  The black was my favorite of this particular dress, especially with the cute hot pink belt but they had every size except medium.  I might have gone with it fat arms and all if they had that one ;)   The 3/4 length sleeve one was originally not being considered because of the sleeves.  I am not a fan of 3/4 length for dresses (though I love them for shirts).  I think it would have been really cute with long sleeves or elbow length.  I tried it on anyway in the bright blue and like I said earlier, I liked it better than I thought I would.  These sample shares are all about trying styles you wouldn't necessarily try.  I am glad I did.  It still felt a little weird with those sleeves but I did like the shape of the dress and the sleeves were not as bad as I thought that they would be.

Now onto the great news... the sweater dresses were NOT too itchy!  They were soft and tolerable for even my fabric sensitive skin!  The bad news for the sweater dresses... the material was thin on these as well so they clung to every flaw... boo! I need to lose this weight like now!  But anyway, for this reason, I did not go with the colors that I liked better.  I got black to hide those flaws.  I am not complaining though.  I really like my black cowl neck sweater dress (pictured above though it fits my 5'3" self longer... below the knee).  Below is the edited version of my original photo.  The green is the updated.  Now that I know that I can tolerate the Old Navy sweater dresses, I am seriously considering adding the cable knit cowl neck dress to my collection if it goes on sale.