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So today did not start out very well.  I am not a morning person to begin with.  I'd rather stay up two hours later than normal than wake up 15 minutes earlier.  This morning my oldest son was dragging his butt to get ready for school.  I kept telling him to hurry up and leave.  He did leave at at time that would get him to the bus stop on time but we prefer to have him leave a couple minutes early in case it comes early.  Guess what happened today?  Of course it was early.  Of course.  And my son who sometimes surprises me with his lack of common sense didn't realize that "no kids at the bus stop" + "leaving about 2 minutes later than normal" = "you missed the bus!" until a whopping 15 minutes later.  When he walked in 10 minutes before school was set to start (which is a 15 minute drive) I was none too pleased.  Little one was in the bathroom so I quickly packed his lunch into his bag because we would be missing his bus (and really hoping to even have him to his school closer to the house on time) while taking the oldest to school.  Once he ... finished up and threw some clothes on we headed out the door.  I was in my pajamas still but had no time to change.  Then I see the frost on the windshield... of course.  My husband took my ice scraper out of my car a few months ago and never put it back in.  So I scraped it off with an old gift card that I had in my car.  Then we were stuck traffic.  It was awesome (not!) running into the school to sign my son in with pajamas and messy hair especially since I also saw two parents I know... fantastic, really.  We barely got to my youngest's school on time (technically I think he was 1-2 minutes late but I didn't get out and he said they let him to class without going to the office).  I got home and was cold and cranky but went about my day.  As the time went on, I wanted something warm to beat the cold.  

I got this free sample of Gevalia Mocha Latte in the mail last week. It is not something that I had to do a write up on but I decided to share since I was trying it for the first time anyway.  I was always an anti-coffee person.  Not only did I HATE coffee, I could taste the slightest bit in a recipe that claimed you couldn't taste it.  Over the years I have tried some of the heavily flavored/sweetened coffees since the smelled so wonderful but still hated it.  This year it changed.  I now like the heavily flavored/sweetened coffee drinks like mocha fraps, pumpkin spice latte (with some extra sweetener), etc.  My favorite so far is the English Toffee cappuccino from Wawa... so delicious.  Don't tell me how many calories are in them because I don't want to know but I do only have them every once in a while like a liquid dessert.  So back to the sample.  These at home lattes come in two parts.  You pour the packet in the mug first then brew the k-cup in your Keurig like normal.  As it drips, you can see the packet mix start to foam up instantly.  The bottom middle photo is the latte before stirring but after it was done brewing.  It sounded kind of like Pop Rocks as it foamed up.  When I tried it, it tasted too much like coffee for me... shocking right?  I added a squeeze of hot fudge and it made it mocha enough for me.  I'm not sure how much these cost to buy but it wasn't bad so if they aren't too expensive, they would make a nice treat.  I could probably get the same effect using a hand blender and some milk but I've never tried it.  

I get free K-cup samples frequently by following deal blogs on facebook.  They are a "hot" deal so they are posted all over otherwise I would just miss it.  Just in the past month or two I have received a couple packs (2-4 cups each except this latte which just had one) that included a couple different kinds of Lipton tea, Green Mountain coffee, etc.  Since I don't drink coffee or hot tea often, this is a few month's worth for me.  They almost always come with coupons as well.  Some blogs to follow (I follow a ton but these are good to start with) would be Swaggrabber and Moneysavingmom.  And if you like the fancy beverages but not paying full price for them, Starbucks has their holiday drinks for BOGO from today through the 17th 2-5pm.

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