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First of all, I told him to be normal.  This is what I got.  But anyway, my husband was excited to try all of the different kinds of soups from the new Campbell's Go line.  I have been buying them combining the $1 off manufacturer's coupons that have been in the papers recently with the $1 off Target coupons that Target has had on their site.  They have them on markdown for $2.36 right now making them $.36 after those coupons (another $.05 using a reusable bag).   The flavors for these soups are very different.  To be honest, even if I was not a vegetarian, they do not sound good to me... coconut curry chicken, spicy chorizo w/ chicken, etc... yeah, no.  But my husband likes strange combinations and was all over the taste testing mission.  He has only tried a couple so far but is on a mission to try them all.  The only one that I can have is the red one which is creamy red pepper with smoked gouda.  The chorizo is the one Smiley360 sent free.  I have yet to receive any feedback on the coupons that I have passed out except for one who is mad at herself for forgetting to use it every time she goes to the store. These  soups have a gourmet feel to them unlike any packaged soup that I have ever tried.  They are easy to take with you (no can opener needed).  Click here for to fill out a funny Mad-lib type story and you'll get a printable $1 off coupon for yourself :)


04/24/2013 11:14pm

This is my favorite picture :)


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