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When Smiley offered me a campaign for the kids that was a healthy snack, I accepted right away.  I have seen these types of applesauce pouches before but never bought them.  This is mainly because they are so pricey (even the cheap brands) and seem wasteful as far as the thick pouches plus box.  I haven't ever seen this particular brand GoGo Squeez at the store I usually shop so I can't comment properly on availability.  According to the website, they are sold at Target and CVS which I do shop at frequently. ***Edit: I happened to find them at Walmart while looking at canned veggies and they carried about 4-5 flavors!

--They are 100% fruit so no added sugar.  This is how I like applesauce in general.  It is sweet enough, why ruin the nutrition with extra sugar.
--It comes in 11! different flavors according to the information they sent me.  They sent us the "appleapple" flavor which is just regular applesauce but the applepeach really sounds yummy.
--It is convenient.  This would be the reason these things are so popular (and pricey).  You can take them anywhere, they do not have to be refrigerated, and the lid is resealable (if for some reason you can't finish a 3oz pouch?). A spoon is also unnecessary which is good if your little one often forgets.
--If your child is in a "nut-free" classroom (this would be my youngest's situation for the last two years), applesauce cups and pouches are on most of the "approved snacks" lists.  
--It is non-GMO, no added colors or flavors

--The packaging.  While it's BPA-free so not a health issue, I try to be as green as I can without putting in too much extra effort in.  For snacks away from the home, I prefer to send fresh fruit or use a reusable container to send dry snacks.
--The price.  For the cost of one 4-pack, I could buy two medium jars of applesauce and give my kids a loooot of 3oz bowls of applesauce.  If I really wanted pouches, they do even sell reusable ones now.  These are cheaper than some of the other brands though at about $2.50 (Walmart) per four-pack.  Like I said above, I'd really just rather send fruit or dry snacks and leave the applesauce for at home though.  

If you would like to try them out for yourself, click here for a $.75 off coupon. 
Remember when I posted about Children's Mucinex here?  Well Smiley is doing another one of those contests where you take a super quick survey and you are entered to win a $200 gift card.  Easy peasy! And if you win, I win!  Then I'll love you forever ;)  Go here to enter.
Smile360 just sent out an email to let us know about a great opportunity for everybody as part of the Tom's of Maine campaign.  If you didn't read my original review, you can check that out here.  If you click my link below and fill out a quick survey, you are entered to win a $200 gift card!  And if you win using my link, I win too!  It really only takes a minute so let's do this ;) Click here to take the survey.

 By the way the toothpaste is on sale this week at Target for $2.50.  If you have coupons from the paper, you can get it cheaper and if you picked up the free reusable bag w/ coupons as part of their Earth Day promotion last Sunday, there is a store coupon in there that can be stacked.  I plan on using my two $1 off coupons together to get a tube for $.50 :)
First of all, I told him to be normal.  This is what I got.  But anyway, my husband was excited to try all of the different kinds of soups from the new Campbell's Go line.  I have been buying them combining the $1 off manufacturer's coupons that have been in the papers recently with the $1 off Target coupons that Target has had on their site.  They have them on markdown for $2.36 right now making them $.36 after those coupons (another $.05 using a reusable bag).   The flavors for these soups are very different.  To be honest, even if I was not a vegetarian, they do not sound good to me... coconut curry chicken, spicy chorizo w/ chicken, etc... yeah, no.  But my husband likes strange combinations and was all over the taste testing mission.  He has only tried a couple so far but is on a mission to try them all.  The only one that I can have is the red one which is creamy red pepper with smoked gouda.  The chorizo is the one Smiley360 sent free.  I have yet to receive any feedback on the coupons that I have passed out except for one who is mad at herself for forgetting to use it every time she goes to the store. These  soups have a gourmet feel to them unlike any packaged soup that I have ever tried.  They are easy to take with you (no can opener needed).  Click here for to fill out a funny Mad-lib type story and you'll get a printable $1 off coupon for yourself :)
A product that we got to sample recently from Smiley360, was a mini tube of the new Wicked Cool! toothpaste from Tom's of Maine.  It is made for kids eight and up.  It has a mint flavor to make them feel more grown up but it is much more mild than adult toothpastes.  As my 9 year old put it, "it is still minty without being spicy".  I tried it as well since my boys aren't know for explaining things correctly and it did indeed have a less "spicy" as he puts it, mint taste.  It made my mouth feel clean but I'll stick with the uber refreshing adult mint toothpaste.  Thing thing I like most about it is that it has NO artificial dyes, flavors, or sweeteners.  While I am not super active on avoiding them, I do try to keep an eye out and avoid them when possible.  It's all junk as far as I am concerned so this is a huge plus for this product. The company itself seems pretty awesome as well.  According to their website, they do not test on animals, use no animal products, they use sustainable practices where possible, volunteer their time, etc.  I'm not sure if I will continue to buy the product because I'm not sure how much it costs.  The store that I do most of my grocery shopping at does not carry it and CVS which is where I do most of my toiletry couponing, I keep forgetting to check. Click here for more info! 
Today I got into not one but two product samplings!   My favorite ... a Crowdtap/Old Navy sample share!  This time it is for two of their tees.  It is the smallest (value wise) that I have done but I just love their tees.  I actually have a ton already partially because I picked up several during that amazing January clearance that I mentioned earlier.  The "perfect fit" ones are my favorite and this will give me the opportunity to get some additional colors.  I also got into the Campbell's To Go soup campaign from  I won't actually eat it because it has meat in it but my husband will love it and it will be one less thing I need to buy when grocery shopping so that makes me happy.  He loves testing new things just like me so he really should have his own account... 

How about you?  Have you gotten into any programs lately?
My newest product sampling package came a couple days ago in the mail.  I received my package with the Children's Mucinex Multi-Symptom cold medicine sample.  Unfortunately (fortunately actually) I have not had a chance to test it out as my kids are both cold-free now.  Woohoo!  It's about time.  This is one sample that I hope I don't end up having to use for quite a while.  I am glad that I have it for when I do need it though.  I had never tried this product, I didn't even know Mucinex made a children's medicine.  My husband is a big Mucinex fan though.  He often has chest congestion so goes through several packs of Mucinex per year.  The children's multi-symptom cold medicine comes in a "berrylicious" Very Berry liquid that is for children 4-12 years old.  It claims to relieve stuffy nose, cough, chest congestion, and thin and loosen mucus (yuck!).  Go here for a $2 off coupon if you'd like to try it.  What do you think?  Have you tried children's Mucinex before?  Does it work as claimed?

Update:  My youngest did end up getting a cold during the campaign.  I gave him the Children's Mucinex and it seemed to work about the same as the other children's cold medicines that I have tried like Pediacare, Triaminic, etc.  It didn't seem to do any better or any worse.  So I guess I will just get whichever brand is on sale still.