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Look at that stack!  My latest Sample Share with Crowdtap was for Cottonelle.  They are promoting their clean routine where they encourage the use of toilet paper AND wet wipes.  Have you seen the funny commercials where they do hidden camera pranks on people showing the importance of water (the waterless car wash, the bus boy wiping down the table with a dry cloth, etc)?  They are funny and they really prove the point.  If a dry cloth doesn't get a car or a dirty table clean, what makes you think that it does better for your behind?  I grew up using wet wipes (before the nice ones from Cottonelle, Scott, and Charmin came out, we used the cheapest baby wipes possible) so this was not new to me but who turns down free toilet paper?!  They sent me an 18 pack of double rolls for myself as well as 2 4packs to hand out AND three tubs of the wet wipes to accompany the toilet paper.

Cottonelle is one of my favorite brands of toilet paper to begin with though I don't use it exclusively.  I like that it is thick but doesn't clog the toilets (like Charmin does).  It is soft without being flaky.  And the ridges get the business done if you know what I mean.  The wet wipes smell fantastic and are flushable.  The tubs come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns.  The ones I already have are plain white and a white with flowers so for my freebie, my son chose a blue one for his bathroom.  We even used them when we went camping last week for our whole body.

For this particular share, I am not going to post the people's photos (yes I did take them to give a good report though).  But one person that I gave them to said she already loves the wipes but uses a different toilet paper.  I haven't asked her yet what she thought of the samples.  The other person was so thrilled with the sample.  She too already uses wipes (but uses the dollar store baby wipes) and hadn't tried Cottonelle yet.  She hasn't used it yet so no feedback.  You wouldn't believe how excited people get 


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