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The giveaway for the Covergirl Blast Flipstick in the "Minx" color ends on 12/12/12 at noon (eastern time). There are VERY few entries so your chances are very good.  Up to three entries per person, see the original post here for details.  I do want to clear up that for the "facebook like" entry, you must like my facebook fan page for that entry not the post or a share that you did, etc (though you are welcome to do those too of course).  I do check to make sure that you have liked the page (and since I only have 13 likes as of now, it is easy to see when I have new likes :P ).  Thanks guys.

Coming up this month... I will finally post my Cuisinart Smart Stick (immersion blender) review and hope to have my first product testing writeup.  This will be a review of the site itself and my advice as to who would like it, whether it will be worth your time etc.  I want to start with one of the big ones so which would you rather see first BzzAgent or Crowdtap?


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