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I am VERY excited about this promotion and am a little bit sad that I missed out on the first week.  Sears Outlet (yes just the Outlet stores, do not try at a regular Sears) is doing an AMAZING promotion right now.  Every Tuesday through the end of the year is free apparel day at all of the Sears Outlet locations that sell apparel.  All you have to do is show proof of your Shop Your Way Rewards (as in the card or printed off temporary card) and you will get ANY piece of clothing (excludes outerwear, leather, and Levis) for FREE... yes completely free!  This rewards program is free to join (and it earns you points for every purchase you make) so there really is no catch.  If you have an outlet store near you, give them a call to find out if they sell apparel.  You do not need a coupon or anything, just show your card.  They said you can even sign up that day if you don't have one already.  This past Tuesday was actually the first time I had been to a Sears Outlet in MANY years.  They built one here since the last time I lived in Cali.  

This week I got a pair of jeans for my boy.  It was hard to not be selfish and buy myself something cute.  And I have a scarf obsession so seeing their cute scarves ($4 each!) made me drool just a bit.  But I had to remind myself that 1) I do not need clothing or accessories right now (my boy does need pants) and 2) we just had several large unexpected expenses come up so unnecessary splurges would not be responsible.  Maybe before the year is over, I will use one of my free item opportunities for myself.  Anyway, back to the jeans.  They feel like they are nice quality (that is one thing to watch out for there, some items are of poor quality) denim and have double thick knees which means they will last through both boys.  The only problem I have with them is that they do not have an adjustable waistband which is a necessary for my skinny mini boy who needs 6/7 for length but has a size 3/4 waist.  But that is what belts are for right?  Overall, I am ecstatic to get him some much needed new jeans for FREE!  Do you have a Sears Outlet near you (there is one in Arlington, TX ... just saying)?  If so, what will you be looking for this Tuesday?  Also, be sure to follow the Sears Outlet facebook page here as they will give you the heads up for other promotions (they did 10% off recently which considering most clothing there is $7 or under, that makes for a great deal!). 

 **Update:  I no longer will recommend any Sears owned company.  In fact, I highly encourage you to take your business ANYWHERE else!  For my reasoning, check out this post here.
PS- the jeans are not deformed like they look in the photo, not sure why they look that way :P

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