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        The other day, there was an AMAZING deal on  You had to go sign up for a free account on another site and they would give you a $20 gift card code.  The catch?  In order to get the lowest possible price for your order (shipping was pretty expensive), you had to buy a $4 (yes $4!) briefs (yes UNDERWEAR briefs) key chain that qualified your order for $.99 shipping.  The $5 total for the key chain, which I got in gray, was less than shipping would have been so sure why not.  In the end, I got two awesome bras (plus the key chain) for less than $2 shipped that would have been $66 total originally just for the bras.  Now from the photo above, it definitely does not look as large as it is in real life (it looks maybe Barbie sized), not like I would have actually used it on my key ring anyway.  I don't like waste so what to do with it?  Well, they ended up being the perfect fit for my son's boy doll Tommy.  He is a potty training doll (yes he has boy parts) that has a bottle that you feed him water with then sit him on the potty he came with.  He has clothes ... a shirt, a visor, and pant/short things but no diaper or underwear.  Now he does ;) 


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