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There are two great money saving apps that I want to share with you today.  The great thing about both of these apps is that the offers are given as cash back *after* the purchase so you can still use coupons (manufacturer, store, other discounts) during the purchase.  You can cash out using Paypal once you reach the required amount (I think it's $5 for both but not sure, I usually just cash out when they send me reminders that I have money in there lol).

First: Ibotta.  I have used this one for a while for many different offers.  If you stay away from processed foods and store bought cleaners, you might not find a lot of offers off the bat.  There are times when I go two or three weeks without seeing anything that I would use.  Don't give up though, try back once a week or so.  They not only put up specific brand offers but sometimes they will have offers like "$.50 back on a dozen of any brand eggs" or "$1 back when you buy a 20oz or larger loaf of any brand bread."  In fact, if you are a dairy user, they have a $.50 back on a gallon of any brand milk right now.  They have had that several times within the past month.  Sometimes the amounts are very nominal but occasionally they will have a very high amount.  In the past, I have used the $2.50 back on the new container of Cottonelle wipes and there was a $2 off peelie coupon on the package.  I ended up getting paid for it in the end.  To get the offers, they have different things that you do (all take just a couple seconds) like "reading" (I don't actually read it, I just click it) a fact about the brand or posting to facebook (I have ibotta set up so that anything I post through this app is visible to "only me" so that I don't fill up my friends' newsfeeds).  You must submit a receipt within 7 days. When you sign up, I get a referral bonus but I wouldn't recommend it unless I used it myself.  If you do join and redeem an offer within 10 days, you get a $2 sign up bonus.  Http:// 

Second: Checkout 51.  This is a new one to me but I am liking it already.  Unlike Ibotta, Checkout 51 is on a set schedule.  Their deals run from Thursday to Wednesday like some grocery ads.  You have to submit your receipt within the cycle as well. This week, the two offers that caught my eye were not brand specific they were "$.50 back on a dozen egg, any brand" and "$.25 back on a container of fresh blueberries."  Sometimes you might even be able to double up on offers.  Right now for example, Checkout 51 has a $1 back on Belvita soft baked biscuits and Ibotta has a $.75 back on the same item.  I don't normally buy these but they are $2.19 right now at my local store and I saw $1 off peelies on the box.  When I go next time, I will see if they still have the peelies because then I would pay $1.19 then get $1.75 back through the apps. 

-Save your receipts until they are approved just in case they were not able to read it.  This usually happens within a couple hours but might take up to a day or two.  There are some receipt scanning apps that let you build up points for rewards just for scanning them but I haven't decided if any of the ones that I have tried are worth it or not.  I generally forget to do it so I don't have enough for any rewards yet so I usually  just do my Ibotta and Checkout 51.  If anybody has any recommendations on those apps (I think I have them all just don't commit to them), let me know and I'll have to give them a better try.
-If you are like me and don't have a Smartphone (I know, it's probably just me) and use these apps on an ipod touch, these apps do not work without wifi.  So if you are about to go shopping, you should screen print the offers that you were interested in before you go that way you have size/type info when in the store.  
-Flatten your receipt and take the photo in good lighting so your receipt is accepted the first time (saving you time from rescanning). 

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