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What is a Com Dev you ask?  Well that is what BzzAgent calls their Communications Developers.  Simply put, it is the person(s) that reads, rates, and responds to all of the Bzz that you send in on the site.  I think it is great that they are adding more as it has been taking quite a while to get your Bzz approved lately.  Apparently you get paid per "job".  Even if it's a small amount, this would be perfect for me!  I'd love to work for BzzAgent even in a small capacity.  If you are interested in "applying", check out their facebook page here for details.  Apparently, you will only hear back if they are interested in you so if you don't hear back, take it as a no.  I haven't heard back yet (it has only been a few hours) but there were a lot of people who emailed in.  I am crossing my fingers and toes to get this one.


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