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Photo from the Comforts website, click on it to go to there.
The Kroger family of stores has a baby line called Comforts.  They make everything from diapers to wipes to formula and beyond.  With the current campaign from BzzAgent, I got a great little BzzKit.  I was sent a set of two sippy cups, a full size container of wipes, and a coupon for a free package of diapers or training pants (as well as some 20% off coupons to pass out).  I just love seeing that bee tape in my mailbox (the BzzAgent bee not the Comforts bee above); it always means that I am about to open something great.

We are past the sippy cup stage so I am going to save those for a friend.  However, they looked like they were great quality and had the spill proof valves.  I have read many great reviews on these particular cups.  Wipes on the other had we use often.  They have so many different uses.  The Comforts wipes are very good quality.  I prefer thicker wipes like Huggies or Pampers Thickcare (regular Pampers wipes are too thin) because you do not have to use as many.  Usually store brand wipes are very thin (sometimes even thinner than regular Pampers wipes) so they have to be extremely cheap for me to buy them.  I was pleasantly surprised when I opened these and found that they were thick.  No odd smells were present which is a plus.  Actually, I couldn't detect any odor at all which is rare even with "odor free" wipes that you usually get.  

My little one who is almost four still cannot get through the night without accidents.   Because of this, we still have to buy diapers or pullups.  Comforts brand diapers and training pants are of great quality while being much cheaper than name brand.  They are not the cheapest store brand but Kroger (and affiliate stores) to put them on sale fairly often.  I would recommend them.  

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the Comforts line.  If you are interested in trying the wipes, formula, or baby/toddler accessories, there are ecoupons to load to your Kroger (or affiliate) card through the Comforts site.  Click on the image above to check out the info and coupons.

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