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Kroger's premium store brand is called Private Selection.  I recently got into the Bzzagent campaign for their frozen foods.  They sent me a coupon to try out the pizza, an appetizer, and a dessert for free.  My husband was very excited about this particular one and said, "Accept it!"  lol.  These are the three items we got with my coupons.  

Appetizer:  I got the Southwestern Style Chicken Trumpets.  Let me start off by saying that there is NO way we will ever buy these again.  They were delicious (I'll get more into the taste and product in a minute) but way, way, way overpriced.  When I say way overpriced, I do not just mean by my cheapy standards.  This little tiny 6.3 oz box that contained 9 trumpets about the size of my thumb would have cost us $8.19 (originally $8.99) without the coupon.  That price is simply outrageous!  Now onto the product.  They were great!  The outsides get a nice crisp on the outside and the filling is very flavorful.  I ate mine with a little sour cream like the box suggested. My husband said that they tasted like something you'd get at Chilis.  The thing is, even at a restaurant, they would not have cost that much unless it was a bigger portion than the box contained.  I don't know how they are selling any at that price.  

Pizza.  These pizza are small, thin, artisan style pizzas.  Our Ralphs had four (I think) varieties of the pizza. but none of them look appetizing to me.  I am more of a supreme/combination type person or Philly Cheesesteak pizza not so much bbq chicken, margherita, etc.  My husband loves those type pizzas though so I let him pick and he chose the Barbeque Chicken.  It didn't take long in the oven and cooked evenly.  I wasn't a fan of it (like I had predicted) but again, it's because I don't like that type flavor.  My husband and the boys really liked the flavor.  The only criticism he had was that it was pretty expensive for the size of the pizza.  He said he could have eaten the whole thing himself (though of course that would not have been the healthiest) whereas brands like Digiorno and Tombstone go on sale for cheaper and feed more people.  The cost was $4.99 on sale ($6.59 regularly) for a 14.45 oz pizza.  Not outrageously priced especially compared to restaurant prices but a bit expensive considering it's less than a pound. 

Dessert:  This was my favorite part.  I got the Belgian Chocolate lava Cakes that came four to a box.  They were AMAZING!  Seriously, for me they could take the place of the chocolate lava/molten cakes at the restaurants.  About one minute in the microwave (each) is all it took to make these rich, chocolately cakes with the most scrumptious center.  I was really, truly impressed with these and would recommend them to anybody who loves chocolate as much as I do.  They were $5.99 on sale ($6.99 regular price) but considering to buy one from the restaurant (that is about twice the size of these, so the box would be about 1 1/2- 2 restaurant cakes) is about $7-$8 nowadays, this is a better deal and in my opinion just as good.  My husband who sadly only got one (what? I don't know where the others went...) agreed that they were delicious.  

Overall, these products were very good and very easy to prepare.  None of them tasted like frozen food.  They all tasted like fresh from the restaurant food.  I also tried other desserts which I will post more about once I try the last out of the 3 that were bought ;)

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