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Yes this photo was taken on my stairs. Moving boxes are still occupying the rest of my house :)
Another free product trial from BzzAgent.  I still have a few more reviews coming for them (some recently ended ones that I still want to get posted and some for upcoming campaigns) because they have been very generous lately :D  Kroger has a new line of products called Truly Awesome that are made with "delicious, quality ingredients" and were put together with the help of moms to "keep your family happy, healthy, and connected.  They have lowfat yogurt tubes (think Gogurt type), mac and cheese, cookies, etc.  Bzzagent sent me 2 boxes of the Truly Awesome homestyle chocolate chip cookies to try out.

The claims taken from the BzzGuide (so all their wording):
-Taste as if mom baked them herself, thanks to real wholesome ingredients
-Warm them up a few seconds in the microwave and they taste like they just came out of the oven
-Free of added preservatives and artificial colors
-Almost twice the size of other chocolate chip cookies
-Come eight delicious cookies to a pack
-Suggested retail for $2.79
-Exclusively available at Kroger, Fred Meyer, and Ralphs stores (Kroger Family of Stores)
-Sure to please and delight the entire family.

My verdict:
These cookies are delicious.  I'm not a cookie snob as many of you know.  In fact my nickname from years ago was Cookie Monster because I love cookies that much... Oreos, Chips Deluxe (better than Chips Ahoy whether you think so or not ;) ), home baked, dollar store... I'm really not picky.  They taste like Chips Deluxe cookies except they are quite a bit bigger and only have 8 to the pack (so check on points 4 and 5 that they made).  Chocolate chips are in every bite.  My family and I scarfed through the first box in one night and confession time... there are four of us but about half the box was eaten by one person (not going to name which person).  So that's a big check on point 8.  I do have a problem with the first point.  While being ultra delicious, they did still taste like a box cookie not homemade.  I did try popping them in the microwave for a few seconds which didn't really do anything except make them warm.  It did not soften them at all so in the future, I probably wouldn't waste the time to do so.  Another issue is the price.  At almost $3 for 8 cookies (even if they are decent size) is not a good price.  For that price I can get a package of the fresh baked cookies at Kroger (that are about the same size and have more than 8) which really do taste homemade. 

I have read many other BzzAgents' reviews of the product and am surprised by some of the claims.  Some people said that they were too hard.  They are a harder/crunchier cookie but it's not a rock-hard, going to break my tooth kind of hard.  Others said that they were too sweet.  This just proves how everyone's tastebuds are different.  I thought they had just the right amount of sweetness.  Then again, I rarely find anything too sweet (especially if I have a glass of milk to go with it).  So if you are not a sweet tooth like me, these probably are not the cookie for your.  Overall, these cookies definitely get two thumbs up but will only be bought if they are on sale (with coupon ;) ). 

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