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Remember how I posted here about that fantastic party kit that Marc Jacobs and Crowdtap sent me to promote the DOTS fragrance? 
Yes I realize, I broke the plates... the cost of not using good plates ;)
Well, it was so much fun.  I made little lady bug crackers using pepperoni and olives, corn on the cob "dots", and I cut strawberries sideways so that they were circles instead of hearts and paired them with blueberries.  The rest was provided by the other ladies (there was all sorts of food, this was just what was on the table in the beginning).  This is a close up of some (not all) of the favors including some of the ladybug closet/car fresheners that I made out of the blotter cards.  I cut them in half, glued it onto some black construction paper w/ a ribbon, and sprayed it down (in two layers, dried in between) with the perfume.  I think they came out pretty cute and they smell great.  
Close up of the lady bug fresheners
The response was really positive for the perfume.  I was pretty surprised that everybody liked it.  I like it but everybody has different tastes when it comes to scents so I figured at least a few ladies would turn their noses up at the DOTS.  Everyone really liked the samples and thought the nail decals were cute.  This ended up being one of the most fun things that I have done for Crowdtap.


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