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Above is a photo of our Meatless Monday dinner.  I have recently (a about 5 weeks now) become a vegetarian.  It actually had nothing to do with the MorningStar Farms campaign though I know the timing looks suspicious.  The MorningStar Farms Bzz campaign introduced me to a lot of foods that I thought I would have to give up though.  I have already done a post on the burgers.  Today I am going to go through some other foods that I have tried afterwards.  I have really been impressed with the taste and texture of everything that I have tried.  The only thing that really disappoints me about the company is that they still use GMO ingredients.  When many competitors out there such as Gardein and Lightlife (I hadn't even heard of these brands before coming a vegetarian) are supporting GMO labeling and all of their products are non-GMO.  This will not stop me from buying MorningStar Farms but it will make me eat it much less than I probably would have.  Anyway, back to what I tried.  Tonight I made sesame, "chik'n" noodles w/ mustard greens, water chestnuts, etc.  It was delicious!  Since it was my first time using the Chik'n Strips, I decided to try a small piece by itself (was cooked in a little bit of sesame oil) before adding it to the rest of the dish.  It was actually good.  Not exactly like chicken but the first meatless "meat" that I actually liked alone.  In the dish, it picked up the other flavors and really did taste like chicken.  My son actually thought it was chicken until he saw me eating it then he said it must be fake chicken since mom is eating it.
When I went back to the commissary to use my $1 coupons, I was very excited that MorningStar Farms products were on sale for $2.50! Score!  I actually used my free coupon on the Three-Bean Chili w/ Grillers Crumbles.  My husband is a chili addict.  He is not a chili snob at all and likes almost every chili he has ever tried.  Of course he has had some favorites but I don't think I have every seen him say that he didn't like chili.  He was very skeptical when I told him I was heating this up for him.  I don't know why.  He has tried so many meat replacement products now (and like them) that he should just treat it like any other new food.  The verdict?  He liked it (big shocker).  I actually heard him talking about it on the phone to his brother.  He likes to complain to anybody who will listen that I have become a vegetarian in hopes that they will "take his side" and try to convince me to give it up lol.  But I overheard him saying "but some of the fake things she gets are actually pretty good" and he went on to talk about how he liked the chili and the burgers and the chicken patties.  HA!  This was one of my least favorite products that I have tried thus far   And actually it was not the crumbles (the fake ground "meat") that I didn't care for, it was just the seasoning.  I am pretty picky when it comes to chili.  Even when I did eat meat, I was never fond of Wendy's chili which so many people rave about.  
My favorite product?  The Italian Herb Chik Patties!  Talk about amazing!  When I made us some "chicken" patty sandwiches, they were devoured too fast to take a photo.  We had them with sliced tomato, lettuce, a little mayo, and swiss (though provolone or mozzarella would have been fantastic as well) cheese on toasted potato bread because we didn't have buns.  They were very delicious and as usual the texture was very chicken patty-ish.   I actually liked them so much that when I went to the store last week, I picked up another pack even though I had no coupons... shocker!   Sorry I could only take a photo of the box for you but you have to admit, their photo on the box is yummy looking.  Have you been entering the meatless monday giveaways on their page every week?  No luck yet but I have been entering every week and you get an extra entry for entering a upc code.  This week is a 17 piece Pyrex baking set.  Next week is a Cuisinart Electric Hotdog Roller ... ok a little weird lol.  Enter here :)


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