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Smile360 just sent out an email to let us know about a great opportunity for everybody as part of the Tom's of Maine campaign.  If you didn't read my original review, you can check that out here.  If you click my link below and fill out a quick survey, you are entered to win a $200 gift card!  And if you win using my link, I win too!  It really only takes a minute so let's do this ;) Click here to take the survey.

 By the way the toothpaste is on sale this week at Target for $2.50.  If you have coupons from the paper, you can get it cheaper and if you picked up the free reusable bag w/ coupons as part of their Earth Day promotion last Sunday, there is a store coupon in there that can be stacked.  I plan on using my two $1 off coupons together to get a tube for $.50 :)


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