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I have been a major slacker lately.  At the end of June, we found out that we would be moving at the end of July... across the country.  Then we lived in an RV with the two boys and two cats for a month and a half while waiting for housing.  Don't ask how it was, just picture it ;)  But we have a house now and have most of our boxes unpacked (don't judge, we have a lot of stuff lol) so new posts will be coming soon.  And I plan on actually sharing this blog within the next month.  As of now, the only people who have read it are my sister, a few people that have read it from BzzAgent, Crowdtap, etc, and possibly a few stragglers that stumbled upon it.  But my November goal is to post it on my personal facebook.  We'll see.  Coming up... Nerf Firevision, another Old Navy sample share (woohoo!), and whatever else I can remember from the past few months.  Oh and I need to type up the Cuisinart Smart Stick.  I have actually had that post written for months but never go around to typing it.  Now I have to find my camera card that has the photos to it.  Stay tuned....


12/05/2012 1:05pm

You might be surprised how many people actually understand about moving and not being settled in and unpacked for quite a while. I have never considered you a "slacker", although I can relate to feeling that way when there are so many things piling up all around me which need attention that don't get attention. And I have to stop and rest more than I feel I used to rest. But I know you have never been a person to just sit idly by and do nothing unless you needed the rest. You are NOT a slacker, and I am so proud of you for being such a motivated and inspirational woman.


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