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So, I was offered another Old Navy dress sample/share from Crowdtap.  Obviously my first reaction was excitement.  I mean, who doesn't like free clothes?  One of the things you have to do as part of a sample share is to scope out the selection online to see what styles you are attracted to before trying them on.  I have to say that my excitement quickly turned to disappointment.  There are always some styles that are exclusives.  This time however, it seemed like there were more online only dresses than there were for both in store and online.  Then, when you figure that not all stores carry all of the styles, I was not looking forward to this sample share.
The above is the image that I usually put together.  The whole top row (excluding the black floral chiffon) are from the jersey dress collection.  They look like they would be comfortable, flowy, and low maintenance.  The black floral chiffon just looks really cute as does the ruffle chiffon.  The problem?  All of them are online exclusives.  The sweater dresses are cute.  I love how a sweater dress looks with leggings or tights and some boots.  My sensitive skin usually prevents me from wearing them since they are so itchy even if they feel soft in my hand.  I will try them but not sure how they will work out.  There are a few that I like partially but have something I don't like (weird neckline, 3/4 length sleeves, etc.) that I may end up having to try.  

We'll see how it all works out.  Stay tuned for the update.  I actually did my share today so once I get the photos cropped and uploaded, I'll do my results post.


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