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Well the new year has started off with the entire family being sick... fan-tastic.  As far as new year's resolutions, I don't generally make them.  I always fail when I do.  So I have been wanting to make getting healthier more of a life goal instead.  As I get older, I start to worry about poor eating and exercise habits not only because of the looks aspect (but let's be real, my recent weight gain has really affected my overall mood) but because of my health.  My dad was only 31 (well turning 31 about a month later) when he had his stroke.  He had to change his eating habits and start exercising after that.  I'd rather not have to be snapped into shape by something like that.  I'd like to do myself proud and find (and keep!) my motivation.  I really am so much happier when I am sticking to a routine and eating somewhat healthy.  I will never bee one of those people that think a small square of chocolate is their splurge.  Candy bar? Yes.  Brownie sundae?  Yes that is a splurge.  One ounce of chocolate is a side lol.  But I need to get back into sneaking veggies into my smoothies and cutting back on the junk food.  As soon as this throbbing pain in my ears and sinus pressure go away, I am actually looking forward to working out again.  It's been a long time.  It's sad too because we were almost through the P90X program (about 2 1/2 months into the 3 month program) before the move, probably the longest I have stuck with a workout program since having kids.  I hadn't cheated either.  In fact, during some of the rest or easier days, I actually added in some Zumba or other exercise.  I was proud of myself, slowly losing the weight (not as fast as I had wanted but slow and steady wins the race right?), and most importantly, it was getting easier to get through the workouts.  So, all rambling aside, I guess I am publicly putting it out there that I am going to do this this year.  Not "I hope" like usual.  I will.  I can do, I know I can.  I will need help keeping the motivation so I hope my husband will help me but hopefully you guys can keep me on track as well.  What do you say?

On another note, I had 69 views the other day.  This may seem like a measly number to the rest of the world but to me, it is a record and it made me very happy.  Keep viewing, following on Facebook and Twitter, and sharing with your friends please.  The more readers I get, the more I will be motivated to post :)  So a Happy New Year to you and yours.  
The cranberry/orange/apple hot cider that I made myself for breakfast one morning to make me feel a little better.


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