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If you need anything from Old Navy, this weekend would be a great time to stop by.  This weekend they have an extra 30% off of clearance merchandise.  I don't know if it is every store but I do know that this time of year Old Navy clears out a lot of stock nationwide so it would be worth checking.  We were actually there earlier this week because my husband needed some running gear and were surprised by the amount of clearance throughout the store.  The reason we came back today was a lovely little app that I just adore.  It's called SnapAppy.  It is free to download and more importantly, it works not only with the smartphones but also with the ipod touch (any of the newer versions that have cameras on them).  I don't have a smartphone and actually have all data blocked on my phone so that I (and the sneaky four year old) don't accidentally use a bunch of it.  With this app, you take photos of the Old Navy logo on tags either at your house or (if you have 3g or a store with wifi) in store.  Each time you snap a photo, you get a "surprise".  Sometimes they are things that I just ignore but many times they are coupons to use in store.  They can be things like "$5 off $25 purchase", "10% off", etc.  But my absolute favorite coupon that will make me run in for a special trip is the amazing "$5 off any purchase"!  My husband and I both have the app and were both lucky enough to get this gem.  So today during our errands, the first stop was Old Navy.  Imagine our surprise when we saw the "additional 30% off already reduced clearance prices" ^_^  I was excited.  I found many good deals in the HUGE clearance section and there was clearance throughout the store as well.  I was strong though because I know that I might end up using my Old Navy Super Cash that I earned on my CrowdTap Sample Share.  In the end, I got the fitted gray tee and the gray long sleeve tee with my coupon.  I like solid color tops so that my bright, awesome scarves can go nicely.  My total?  $.61 *including* tax!  And my husband decided to use his on the gray and black sweater above for $2.09 including tax!  Even without coupons, the sweater was $7, the tee was $1.74, and the long sleeve tee was $3.84.  Below is a screenshot of how the app looks.  At the bottom center, you take the photo.  After it decides what your prize it, it will give you the option of saving it or discarding it.  I only save the coupons I will use.  Those are stored in the "surprises" section.  When you want to use them, you hit "surprises", then click on the one you want.  It will ask you if you want to redeem it, click the button.  The image below will show which includes a barcode that I obviously covered up (though they are one time use anyway).  The cashier will try to scan it but for us they had to type in the code below the barcode.  After you use it, you click "done deal" so that it will erase so you remember which coupons you have used.  Since I am not using a phone and my store does not have wifi, I pull up the coupon on my ipod before I go.
Good news... my quest to become healthier is going well.  I exercised three times this week.  I have not consumed any full boxes of cookies and have been replacing at least one meal per day with a super healthy smoothie.  Below is a photo of the big old bag of kale that I bought this week to supercharge my smoothies.   It doesn't look huge but that is my 5qt Kitchenaid next to it for a size comparison and I have already made multiple servings.  Today I made one that was delicious with no sugar added.... kale, parsley, pink lady apples, a bit of water, a kiwi, some frozen  banana, a few flax seeds, and a spoonful of lowfat plain yogurt.  My anti-veggie boys LOVE them and are proud of themselves for consuming the veggies in these.  I just give them a small glass to go with their meal not replacing a meal obviously.  But they feel that it is a treat so it is a win win situation.  I highly recommend adding green smoothies to your diet, they are amazing!  
And last but not least, I have to shout out to Ruby Tuesday's customer service.  I had an issue with the service that I received on Wednesday night and immediately emailed late that night.  By Friday I was contacted by the regional manager who was very friendly and helpful in resolving my problem.  I was very impressed by the quick and effective response.  Thumbs up to you Ruby Tuesday!  Sears take note....


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