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This has been one of my very favorite sample shares.  The selection was great.  There was a whole large section dedicated to the activewear then another rack of the fleece jackets (that counted) over in the middle of the store.  Don't let the photos of what I tried on fool you, I just had very specific items that I wanted this time.  There was fleece, yoga wear, running wear, compression tops/bottoms, bike shorts, velour, sports bras, etc etc.  See how happy my photo is above?  No crazy scribbling this time because it was a 100% successful trip!  Thanks Old Navy and Crowdtap!
Everything I tried on fit with the exception of some of the pants were too long for my short self.  Some times Old Navy things fit weird (not just me, my sister and friends who have different shapes then me all have trouble with their fit on some items around the shoulders or height of the waist).  This time I had no problem with things being tight in the shoulders or the waist being in the wrong spot.  The quality of the materials felt nice.  This is another hit or miss at Old Navy. Some of the items are nice quality but some feel very cheap like they will fall apart.  This is not the case with the activewear.  Everything that I tried on or felt, felt like great quality.  The only piece of activewear that I already had was a sports bra and it is still holding up fantastically (and it's cute).
K tried on a variety of things and they all looked great on her.  She ended up going with the gray and white top (she bought that) then used the coupon for the pants with the matching waistband and gray compression jacket.  She was thinking about the the purple running top (bottom left) which also looked really cute with her base outfit that she had decided on but ended up going with the gray jacket when we were getting ready to leave.  I really liked the the teal-ish color ruched tank that she is wearing in the bottom right as well.  It was such a pretty color and design.

We didn't really interact with any of the employees except for the cashier at checkout and she was nice.  I was pretty surprised to get 2 $20 Old Navy Super Cash coupons from my $4 purchase (a clearance sports bra).  Apparently they go off of the pre- coupon price.  I am thinking that pairing these with clearance rack clothing will make for a sweet deal.  They are $10 off a $25 purchase or $20 off of a $50 purchase.  One is staying with me and the other is being sent to my mom who supposedly likes their cardigans with pockets and is waiting for them to go on sale.

These are just some more of the combinations that I had put together.  I took pictures of everything but after seeing it, was not considering a matching outfit.  The gray with gray or purple with purple was way too matchy matchy for my taste.  I did like the purple top with gray bottoms but I really wanted pants so that I can wear them now instead of indoors only or waiting until spring.  As you can see, I wasn't adventurous with the tops.  I tried on the same compression jacket in three different colors and that is it (well I was wearing a black active tank as well).  This was not because I didn't like anything else or that there was a limited selection.  I just REALLY liked the jacket.  Form fitting, long sleeve, cute thumb-holes, full zipper (easy on/off), and nice colors made it the perfect active top in my eyes.  It also came in a hot pink but not in my store :(  The hardest part for me was figuring out what color I wanted to get it in because they were all cute.  In the end I got the purple but if they had the deep purple of the running top (on K above), I would have chosen it immediately as it is a beautiful color. 

I have already worn my outfit twice and it is ridiculously comfortable.  The sleeves tuck in easily if you don't want to wear the thumb holes  The next step is to wear it to work out in (to get rid of those 20 lbs I gained the last 6 months! plus the 15 I had wanted to get rid of then) not just hang out I suppose.  You know those New Years resolutions and all?....



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