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Well it's officially Christmas.  I am sitting here late at night typing this post when I should be... sleeping?  I have never been good at sleeping on Christmas Eve.  Call me a little kid if you must.  Well I decided to at least make it a productive sleepless time.  So here is my newest Old Navy/ Crowdtap Sample Share.  I have never actually tried on Old Navy's activewear before except for a sports bra that I got on clearance a couple years ago when they did the monsterously good Old Navy Night coupons ($50 or $75 off a $100 purchase which I filled with already drastically reduced clearance clothing).  Anyway, this sports bra is one of my favorites for working out. It has not lost it's elasticity, is moisture wicking, and ... a pretty color (because that is important :P ).  I have heard rave reviews on the line though so I was excited.  What made me even more excited?  Looking online.  The selection looked fantastic and they had a lot of purple.  You'd think that there was a very limited selection of colors based on my image below but, no.  I just LOVE purple.  To say that it is my favorite color (especially to wear) is an understatement.  So I was bound and determined to get something purple this time.  I did add a few non-purple items just in case the purple items didn't work like on the dress share :( but I really want it to work out this time.  There are a lot of things there but there are actually a LOT more that I wouldn't mind getting, these are just my favorites.  Again, great selection.  This is also after many things have already sold out online.  One item that really stood out to me was the compression jacket (top middle) in all three of the colors shown.  I love the extra long sleeves with thumb holes so that they don't ride up while working out.  Colorwise, I love the blended colors though I do wish they had this jacket in the color purple of this running top here.  If they did, I would not even try on anything else, I would just pick that right away!  As far as bottoms, there were a lot of shapes, lengths, and colors to choose from.  On the discussion board for the share, the compression line (pants, capris, and tops) have gotten amazing reviews. I'm not sure if pants will work since I am short and I have heard a lot about the Old Navy pants being long but I hope they do.  I already have a couple pairs of capris so I would like a pair of pants in case I actually feel like working out outside (more likely just wearing them *not* working out).  I don't wear shorts in public.  My thighs are allergic to the public.  However, if for some reason, nothing else works, it wouldn't kill me to have another pair of shorts for around the house (though I certainly don't need any more).  Well, off to sneak down and stuff the santa hats.  Yes, I said hats.  We have been so busy that we haven't had time to dig out the stockings so we laid out santa hats that happened to be sitting in a bag in our livingroom.  We're flexible like that ;)  Merry Christmas to all


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