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As I mentioned earlier, my newest Crowdtap Sample Share for Old Navy is for their Best Tees.  Half of my tops that I have are Old Navy tees both long sleeve, short sleeve, and in between.  They come in two basic fits... the Perfect fit and the Vintage fit.  The Perfect fit tee is more fitted which is what I prefer so I have a lot of these.  The vintage is a little more loose and also comes in some heathered colors to match the vintage name though they do have some regular colors as well. I do have some of these as well.  After looking online at the selection, there are three types of shirt that I am looking at (though I will still look at others if they have additional colors in store or if they have v neck short sleeve tees).  I like the Perfect Henley shirt (I already have this in charcoal gray), the Perfect v-neck long sleeve tee (I already have a couple of these as well and would consider it in short sleeve too if they have it), and the Vintage V-neck long sleeve tee (you guessed it... I have a couple of these).  From looking at the photo, you can see that I don't have a particular color in mind this time.  I am open to several colors (or maybe even more if there are other colors available) though there are a few colors I don't look good in so I wouldn't consider (yellow, orange, most light pastels, and I don't wear white).  And I do not need any more gray shirts so I won't be getting those.  I have 4 (I think?) Old Navy tees already... a short sleeve charcoal gray perfect henley, a long sleeve light gray perfect crew neck tee, a heathered gray vintage tee, a long sleeve charcoal gray (I think vintage fit)... oh and a medium gray 3/4 length sleeve Old Navy tee that is not from their "Best Tees" line.  I am open to pinks, purples, blues (can you believe I don't have any navy blue long sleeve tees?!), that light red above, aqua/teal, and natural colors like the top right.


04/24/2013 11:29pm

I really like the vintage v-necks.


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