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This past weekend, K and I went to Old Navy to pick up our free Old Navy "Best Tees."  To check out my previous post on this sample share, click here. Right away I noticed that all of the long sleeve tees (and even some of the short sleeve vintage tees) were on clearance already... darn!  But there were soooo many colors available of the vintage v-neck, perfect crew neck, and perfect henley.  Look at the rainbow of colors below.  It reminds me of their flipflop wall that they do in the summer that is just a humongous rainbow.
The vintage tees were longer, thinner material, and not as fitted.  The perfect tees are fitted, a regular length, and had shorter sleeves as well.  I like the perfect fit more so most of what I tried on was from the henley selection.  I do wish they came in a v-neck since I am not a huge fan of crew neck (I do have a few of their crew necks that I mostly wear with scarves though).  I think it is great that they have the two different fits though.  It means that you will most likely be able to rock one or the other.  If you are thinner (or bigger but smoother if that makes any sense), you will be able to rock both. 
They did the buttons and neckline differently this year than they did last year which I was actually a little bummed about.  Last year, all buttons were functional so if you buttoned it all the way up, it was a scoop neck.  The button section went down lower so if you wanted to layer with a contrasting color tank/cami, it could show more.  This year, all of the buttons are just for show.  It is a pretty deep v and you can not change how much it is opened at all.  I prefer last years version better.  They were still cute though so I got two.
The above left is the only vintage tee that I tried on.  I liked the kind of faded/heathered blue color.  I also liked that the sleeves are a bit longer because I am not a fan of my arms right now (need to start working out again).  This is where it ended.  I look fine in the cropped photo right?  Well there was a reason I cropped it lol.  Because of the longer length on my shorter body and not so flat midsection, it draped awfully right on my belly bulge.  This cut looked great on K who is "smoother" around the midsection.  She actually liked a pink striped version and considered it as her second (that bright blue was a definite for her first).  Her reasoning for choosing something else was actually that the material was somewhat see through so she'd have to watch what color bra she was wearing.  
These are the tees we picked.  We both picked that bright blue henley (it was such a pretty color).  For my other tee, I got the greenish/brownish earthy tone that is the top right one on my preview photo.  It is a little bit lighter than it looks in my photo but as you can see, it looks nice with tan so it will be very versatile.  For K's second, she went with the blue perfect crew that she is holding in her hand.  I thought the color was ok on the shelf but on her it really popped and looked very pretty.  There was a pretty pink that looked nice on both of us that I considered but went for blue in the end. 
Overall opinions of this share:

Selection- Many colors to choose from at my store in both styles.

Cut- I do wish that the sleeves were a bit longer on the perfect fit as I don't like my upper arms.  Also a v-neck in perfect would be amazing.

Material- both were soft but the material on the vintage was so thin that it was see through in several colors.

Fit- I like that there are two very different fits to try to fit more body styles.  Perfect works better for me but I like that there are options

Staff- They were nice as usual.  The cashier asked me "is this a coupon?" when I handed it to her which I found kind of funny.  The coupon didn't scan this time for some reason? But it did go through when the cashiers manually typed in our coupons so we did not have any problems.  The fitting room attendant was very nice and gave us rooms near the big mirror when I requested it and didn't seem annoyed at all that we were taking so long.

Store- While they were not right next to each other, the perfect and vintage tees were in the same general section so easy to find.  We were there soon after opening on a Sunday morning so it was not at all crowded.  The tees were pretty well organized as well. 


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