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Ok, I have gotten to test out some really neat things through different programs but this has got to be THE coolest!  Old Navy sent me not one but two (one to share) coupons for FREE coats from the new fall line.  This was the first sample share that I have gotten into through Crowdtap and it was the one that I was most excited about.  If you haven't checked out the new fall line from Old Navy, you really need to.  There are so many great pieces and the jackets and coats are amazing!  I love the peacoats, trench coats, military jackets, wool blends, etc.  There is something for everybody in this collection and they are all at or under $100 (on sale right now so even less).  The selection in store (we tried 2 of them) left much to be desired compared to what was available online so B and I were originally disappointed.  However we did find some nice coats for each of us.  We did end up having to stray from our original selections though.  

Above is the image I originally put together based on what I saw online.  The first line is self explanatory.  The second contains coats that I love but didn't want to get for one reason or another.  The white would get dirty too easily, and the other two are a little to dressy for my everyday.  And the last row I really love but do not need another thin jacket though I will repeat it... I LOVE them!  

After participating in the Crowdtap discussion, I had started leaning more and more toward the red short toggle.  I love the red to add some pop to an outfit, the hood would come in handy, and since the wool blends are dry clean only (pointed out in the discussion), it has less fabric to get dirty.  In store, they did not have ANY of those coats on my list except the double breasted (middle right), the peacoat (top center), and the hooded toggle (top right).  The hooded toggle ended up looking AWFUL on me.  It was not fitted at all below the bust so I didn't like it at all.  The black plaid made me look kind of ... large, though I did like the coat just not on me.  The double breasted coat was amazing (pictured below) so I HAD to try it on even though I knew I would not get it.  It would take my three year old about 5 minutes to make that dry clean only coat look filthy.  If I did not have kids, this would be the coat I would have bought hands down.  It made me feel pretty and sophisticated.  In the end, I bought the plain black peacoat (the same exact one as top center but in all black) and I love it even though I didn't want another all black coat.  You win some you lose some I guess.  B did end up getting the red coat in the photo.  She had really wanted the top left wool blend coat but after checking two different stores (and we went to one of them twice), she gave up.  I can't wait to check out the end of season clearance to snatch up some of those other styles at a great price.  
This is the black peacoat that I ended up getting.  It is pretty warm and comfortable.  My only problem with it is that the lining does not go all the way up so it is kind of itchy on the neck.  I'll have to start wearing it with higher cut shirts or with scarves (yay! I love scarves).  

**Please excuse our silliness   Our mother never taught us how to be normal ;) 



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