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That would be me in the fitting room holding the pile of dresses that I tried on.  There are actually eight there it was just hard to show them all.  My friend is not shown because she is very camera shy and I promised her I would only use photos of her for my actual report to Old Navy and Crowdtap.  Originally I was bummed going into the sample share because an overwhelming amount of the dresses on the website said "online exclusive".  As previously posted, it was hard to find a handful to try on that I liked if the sweater dresses did not work for me.  Well when I got to the store, I was pleasantly surprised.  Even though all but one of the jersey dresses said that they were online only, they had a lot of them in the store I went to (a couple different styles and many colors in those styles) as well as a few other type dresses that had said online exclusive.  This made the variety much better.  I actually could not work the jersey dresses which was a bummer.  The wrap dress had a great cut and they had purple! more than one purple too! ... but... the jersey material was so thin that it clung to every. single. flaw. I was sad about this.  A free purple jersey wrap dress is pretty much my definition of the perfect dress.  The dark colors (navy blue and black are the others I tried) were a bit better but still I felt very self conscious.  If the fabric were thicker (while still being soft), I would have ended my search right there.  

I did try on the fit and flare dresses (in the cap sleeve and the 3/4 length sleeve) just to see.  I actually liked them better on than I did by looking at them online or on the hanger.  The cap sleeve seemed to have a weird neckline but on, it looked better.  This was a possibility for me. The reason I didn't get it was because it showed my arms and I would have had to worked out my arms (or lost weight) in order for me to feel confident in it during the spring or summer.  I would have liked it with a cardigan in the fall or winter though.  The purple was not my favorite shade of purple but still cute.  The black was my favorite of this particular dress, especially with the cute hot pink belt but they had every size except medium.  I might have gone with it fat arms and all if they had that one ;)   The 3/4 length sleeve one was originally not being considered because of the sleeves.  I am not a fan of 3/4 length for dresses (though I love them for shirts).  I think it would have been really cute with long sleeves or elbow length.  I tried it on anyway in the bright blue and like I said earlier, I liked it better than I thought I would.  These sample shares are all about trying styles you wouldn't necessarily try.  I am glad I did.  It still felt a little weird with those sleeves but I did like the shape of the dress and the sleeves were not as bad as I thought that they would be.

Now onto the great news... the sweater dresses were NOT too itchy!  They were soft and tolerable for even my fabric sensitive skin!  The bad news for the sweater dresses... the material was thin on these as well so they clung to every flaw... boo! I need to lose this weight like now!  But anyway, for this reason, I did not go with the colors that I liked better.  I got black to hide those flaws.  I am not complaining though.  I really like my black cowl neck sweater dress (pictured above though it fits my 5'3" self longer... below the knee).  Below is the edited version of my original photo.  The green is the updated.  Now that I know that I can tolerate the Old Navy sweater dresses, I am seriously considering adding the cable knit cowl neck dress to my collection if it goes on sale.


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