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Considering it was shopping I was going to do anyway, this is a great chunk of change to get back (there were some other checks back from other sites but this is the main one I use).
As a thrifty online shopper, utilizing a cash back site is a must.  Every time you shop, you earn money back.  My favorite site to use is ShopAtHome.  In fact, I use it almost exclusively.  The only time I don't use it is if the store I am shopping at is not available on ShopAtHome or if I am joining a new cash back site to get the new member bonus.  All of the sites that I have seen (and I am a member of several) have rules about using coupons not listed on their sites (so if you use one, they don't have to give you the cash back) but I have never had a problem getting the cash back from ShopAtHome.  

Another thing I love about the site is that they often have one of the highest cash back percentages but when they don't, they have a 110% guarantee.  This means that if you find a better offer from another free (so not one of the credit card ones like Discover), they will match and surpass it.  So if they offer 9% on Store A and Ebates is offering 10% on Store A, you copy Ebates' Store A page and paste it in the guarantee.  ShopAtHome will then give you 11%.  This sounds like a complicated process to search different sites but luckily there is a shortcut.  A site called Cash Reporter (no registration necessary) allows you to search multiple cash back sites at once.  You go there (bookmark it), type "Store A" in the search bar and click on the highest link.  It will have a popup ask you if you are a  member of that site.  Click "yes" whether you are or not (otherwise it won't take you to Store A's page, it will take you to a sign up page).  This process is a bit tricky at first but after doing it a few times, it will be very quick and second nature.   Once you reach $20, they automatically send you a check in the mail.  I actually just got one this week from my pre- Black Friday sale shopping. 

Add this process to searching for a coupon code on retailmenot and you will save a pretty penny.  If you would like to join ShopAtHome, you can click here (this is my referral link which earns me a bonus, you may go to the main site if you don't feel comfortable). When you join and make your first purchase within 30 days, we both get $5 bonus.

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