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Sorry in advance for the time stamps. These are actually from my camera before I turned it off in the settings.
It is over a year since I was supposed to post this so I'd say "late" would be the understatement of the year. But hey better late then never right?  I got this little beauty from a limited time program that BzzAgent was doing in fall of 2011 (I didn't end up getting it until around New Years last year) called the Daily Bzz.  I had tried for a few of the Daily Bzz campaigns because they had some really neat ones.  This is the only one I got into but it was perfect for me as I had been wanting an immersion blender for a while.  My oldest son helped me win it by starring in my video entry.  He was just as excited as I was when I found out that I had won one of them.  Then came the daily questions on whether it was here yet.  The answer was no for a few MONTHS as they had gotten very backed up.  I was squealing with glee when I opened the package though.  To add to the excitement, BzzAgent sent me the "brushed chrome" color!  I had assumed they were going to send the white because it is cheaper than the colored line but I was pleasantly surprised as this color matched my other small kitchen appliances much better.  Also included is a handy, dandy measuring cup that you can blend in.  It works great for doing protein shakes and smoothies in.  I used it a lot for that when I first got it.  Since then I have gotten a Vitamix that takes care of all of my smoothie needs (and beats the veggies to a pulp).
My first projects were applesauce and apple butter.  I washed the apples and cut them off the core.  Then I just tossed them in a pan with a little water, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  After cooking on low until they were soft, I took them off the heat.  Next, I blended with the Smart Stick right in the pan until smooth.  After separating the amount I that I wanted for the applesauce (it was done), I added more of the spices and continued cooking on low until it thickened into apple butter.  I love this cooking method since it requires no dicing or peeling.  This saves me time as well as leaving the nutrients from the skin in the food.  And lets's not forget that there is not an ounce of added sweetener so it is healthy!  Below is the applesauce (which didn't last until it cooled all the way) and I didn't get a photo of the apple butter as it was later when I finished that.  The boys scarfed both things down though and I thought it was pretty good too if you ask me.
The Smart Stick saved time and dishes.  Without it, I would have had to spoon it into a blender then back in.  Cleanup was an absolute breeze.  The bottom portion pops off with the press of a button and rinses clean very easily.  Thank you BzzAgent, you have made my life easier with this campaign <3 


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