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I used to love Sears.  And Kmart was ok depending on the store.  Sears Outlet?  Heard awful things about buying appliances from them but loved their clothing section.  I am done though.  No more.  Never again.  Well, let me rephrase that.  Never again after I spend my current points that I have racked up.  I am not letting that credit go to waste.  I will look for the item that is as close as possible to the amount so that I am not spending any real money there.  They have the WORST customer service that I have EVER dealt with! And people that know me know that when I said I was done with Walgreens and their awful customer service and stupid policies, I meant it and haven't been back.  I don't even *look* at the sale flyer because I don't want to be tempted by a good deal.  Apparently Sears and their companies are on my no shop list.  This makes me sad because I really used to love them and I recently bought a coat from the Land's End website that I love.  I'll find another store though.  

I had a problem with an order that I made for a Shop Your Way Max membership (it makes things from Kmart or Sears ship free for a year and gives you double reward points) in November.  In the beginning of December, I was trying to use it and the membership was not showing up in my account.  After going back in my order history and confirming that it did in fact show the order, I called customer service.  The lady said that it is not showing on my account (yes that was the whole problem, she's a bright one huh?) you must not have purchased it.  Yes I did, that was the order number I just told you, here it is again.  Oh, you did purchase it but the membership is not on the account... really?  Yes.  I don't know what to do about that.... ok.... No suggestion of what to do, just "I don't know what to do about that".  

Round two... Live chat.  LOL, really does make me laugh (with anger) thinking about it.  I explain the entire problem to "Bob" (no I didn't make that up) in the first one or two posts.  He doesn't understand ... here we go again.  He proceeds to tell me that I didn't purchase the Shop Your Way Max membership that I am thinking about my Shop Your Way Rewards membership.  No, I am not.  Please look at the order number that I gave you above.  That is proof that I purchased the membership but for some reason, the membership itself never activated on my account even though I used the same account.  Please let me look into this *another 10* "I see that you have purchased the Max membership but it is not showing on your account"  Yes! (getting excited because I finally, after 45 minutes thought we were getting somewhere).  Please let me look into this further.  ... waiting ... waiting... Is there anything else I can help you with today?  Umm, yes my problem with the Max membership.  There is no Max membership on your account...  Insert a crazy cycle of him not comprehending the situation, followed by him getting it, followed by him "checking into it", followed by him confused again.  I was on live chat for over an hour and a half with "Bob".  After him saying for the second time, "Thank you for contacting us.  Is there anything else I can do for you today", I told him that he was obviously not listening and I would like to speak to a supervisor instead.  Suddenly, he understood my problem and was forwarding it to the technical department (gave me a reference number) and that they would be contacting me within 3-5 business days.

Round three... Email.  When I emailed, I explained my problem in very thorough detail.  "I purchased the Shop Your Way Max membership on ____ the order number is _____.  The Max membership is not showing up on my account profile and yes I am using the same account (email: ______).  etc etc etc"  I also said that I was still awaiting response from the live chat.  The rep emails back asking me for some details that I had put in my original email ("are you using the same email?" and "did you look in your profile to see if it is there?").  I answered the question again.  The rep tells me that there is no Max membership on my account... oh goodness here we go again.  Yes that is the problem.  I told you that was the problem.  And here is the order number again for the Max membership's purchase.  I get a different rep answering me back... fantastic.  I get to go through this cycle again.  It gets to the point were they stop answering me.  I reply again... no answer.  I send a new email through the site again stating everything that had happened thus far and that if it was not fixed by the next week, I would be filing with the BBB.  No answer ever.

Round four... BBB.  I put in a claim with the Better Business Bureau (Sears Holding, has an A- rating).  A Sears rep emails me asking the same questions again even though they were answered in the claim.  I answer the very same day (a Tuesday).  The next Monday, the BBB forwards a copy of a letter that Sears sent them saying that they had written to me and that they would like for the case to be closed while they wait for my response.  I answered back that I had replied to Sears that very same day the week before and that they were the ones we were waiting on so the case should not be closed.  Just a few days before the BBB was going to close the case (because Sears was not responding), Sears wrote that after investigating, they found that I needed to contact Shop Your Way Rewards because they can't access that system.  The case was closed.  I wrote to them asking why it was closed when SYWR was PART of their company and the order was placed through  Even if that particular person can't do something, it was their order, their company, THEY should be contacting them insuring that the problem was fixed.  They never once apologized for the problem or made any attempt to fix it.  The BBB reopened the case and forwarded my response.  But in the end, the lady from the BBB said that Sears was standing by their decision and that the case was being closed as "administratively resolved".  She basically said they were sorry that it didn't work out and gave me the link to the small claims court.  How INFURIATING! 

Round five... Facebook.  I have sent a message to the Shop Your Way Rewards telling them everything that has gone down.  They asked for my SYWR number which I gave them but I think by that time it was after close of business so we'll see if they get back to me tomorrow.  I checked out the Sears facebook page.  Apparently I am not the only one that is having an awful time with their customer service.  You should seriously check out the "posts by others" here.  You have to look through a magnifying glass to find one happy customer.  The infuriating part is that they are so fake.  They reply to almost every single post apologizing and asking for more info so that they can help even though they know darn well that they will not help.  There are many people with appliances that have broken or were never delivered, many with protection plans that are apparently worthless being left out to dry.  There are people who's refunds were promised in 3-5 business day that have waited months.  And so many other horror stories.  It really is so sad how much their company has declined.  It used to be loved by many and now it is hated by even more. I will not back down.  I will not give up.  I am the wrong consumer to tick off.  I will write reviews and file complaints wherever I can.  I will do anything short of an actual lawsuit to get my story out there and make people aware of just how far Sears has fallen.  Will my one review hurt them at all?  No.  But I WILL make myself an annoying thorn in their side.  

Anyway, sorry this is so long.  I doubt anybody is reading all the way through this but I had to get it out there.  If you know of any sites that review/rate other websites please let me know.  I know of and will eventually put a review on there but Sears already has a .53 out of 10 score!  I also know that Shop At Home has a rating/review thing for the merchants.  Where else?


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