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Another program that I use is called SheSpeaks.  The program has gone through some major changes (moving from more of a product testing site to a discussion site) so I don't use it that much anymore.  I do occasionally log in to see if I have any good offers to apply for. I have gotten tests from frozen potatoes to makeup to this neat kit of P&G products.  The reason I bring up the program now is because they have a sweepstakes going on now.  Every time somebody signs up using my referral link, we are both entered to win the Philips Airfryer (shown above) which supposedly results in crisp food without the use of oil (retails for $299).  It sounds great so if you would like to enter to win, the link is here. And if you do win, come back and let me know so I can be jealous, I mean happy for you ;) 

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