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I am beyond thrilled that I was chosen for another Old Navy Sample Share through Crowdtap!  The rejections are hard to swallow so getting an acceptance makes you dance a happy dance.  I won't be going for a couple weeks but wanted to show a preview of the Share.  Above is the image I put together of the "possibles".  

My criteria for the dress that I want:
- Can't be too short.  I don't mind just above the knee but don't want anything shorter than that.  Some of these might not make the cut but I'll have to try them on to know.  I'm not tall so these *should* work.
- Can't be too low cut.  I want to feel comfortable wearing out in public (hopefully even church) so this is important. The wrap-front might need a cami underneath but I think it would look fine with one so that is why it is on there.
- Can't be strapless or have really thin straps because I don't like my shoulder area.  

I am hoping that my store will have several of my choices in stock so that I will get to try them all on and find what works best for me.  Thank you Old Navy and Crowdtap for the opportunity! <3 

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