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Did you know that twice per year Target does a huge reduction of toys where they clearance them at 70% off?  It happens in January and July.  Today was the day where they went from 50% off to 70% off and they go FAST.  Some stores are probably pretty wiped out already but others will still have an aisle or two left.  If you didn't get a chance to go today but want to check it out, I would find a way to be able to go tomorrow as early as possible.  Seriously, during this sale, a store can go from 2 full aisles, to a few measly toys in a day.  The above photo is what I grabbed this year.  During the clearance sales, I buy toys for the whole year's birthdays and the next Christmas.  The signs on the shelves said 30% off or 50% off but most of the toys did have the correct stickers on them (at my stores at least).  But even if they don't have the 70% off stickers, be sure to scan clearance toys that you are interested in as most of them really are the higher percentage.   There were a few things that really are only 50% off there like these Star Wars vehicles that I saw.  And a few of the Cars toys that I picked up were actually MORE than 70% off.  Total before discount... $282.83 plus tax.  Total after discount... $66 plus tax!  They have increased the percent off for clearance in the rest of the store as well.  There were many 50% off shoes, varying percentages for sporting goods, clothing, etc. 


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