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Today was so fun.  We took the family to the Easter Egg Roll at the White House.  We had never been but had somewhat of an idea of what to expect because of this very thorough review here.  She did a great job of breaking it down.  I am a planner by nature and just having the info from the White House's site was driving me crazy.  What do a I wear?  What do I bring? etc.  She covered it all.  The line was sooooo long to get to the security checkpoint.  We thought that was it.  Nope.  There was another massively long line after that but at least during that line we got free drinks and some cute planter box sets from Home Depot.  My favorite part of the day though?  .... The Wanted!!  Hot!  Looky there.  Because it was a childrens event, I guess a lot of people didn't care about seeing them.  We only showed up to the stage ten minutes early and were able to be really crazy close.  One of my youngest son's songs is Glad You Came which they sang so he was shakin' his booty.  
My husband and I watched Biggest Loser this season so we were pretty excited to see Bingo get on the fitness stage.  When he got off, I walked almost all the way up to him (husband and kids were saving us a spot by the stage for The Wanted) to get a photo with him then felt silly so I chickened out.  My husband was upset because he would have gone up to him no problem (he is a huge fan of the show).  Oh well, at least I got a picture *of* him lol. 
And there is the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten showing some healthy eating recipes/tips.  Below are the cool souvenirs we walked away with.  All of the kids get the wooden Easter egg.  Then the heavy duty canvas bucket tote (we got the one with a bunny face on the back) was from getting a ticket from one of the "scavenger hunt" people which was very lucky.  I have claimed it as my souvenir since the grown ups don't get the eggs lol.  
And finally... no, he is not hurt.  He is just weird and wanted to roll down the hill on the White House lawn.  He was also stuffing "white house grass and leaves" into his pockets.  Yes he is a strange one.  And yes I did check his pockets before leaving so that we would not have a surprise in the washing machine.  Happy Easter all!  


04/12/2013 4:36pm

Finally had a chance to check out your photos -- looks like you had a great time! Love the story about the "White House leaves." (Makes me hope we have a chance to visit again someday when our daughter is old enough to know what it is, or care.) So glad the tips were helpful!

04/15/2013 12:59pm

He sure is a character. And the tips were immensely helpful!


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