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Another current campaign that I am in right now is a sample share for Woolite.  They sent me 10 sample packs, one for me and 9 to pass out (one person not shown because she grabbed and ran lol).  The response was very positive overall to the samples. I told them that Woolite is good for all of your clothes not just the delicates.  The smell is nice but not overpowering.  It is supposed to keep your clothes looking new longer by preventing fading, stretching, pilling, etc. I have some clothing, especially darker clothing like some dark blue jeans that really could have used something like this as they are noticeably faded.  The one thing that I do have to say is that I haven't used Woolite in the past and one load is not enough for me to be able to tell if it really lives up to it's claims. Even with cheap detergent, I haven't had those problems after just one wash. Since the brand has been known as a premium detergent (for me Woolite and Tide come to mind personally) that has a good reputation for working well (while also being more expensive) the chances of it living up to it's claims were good. My eyes are open for upcoming deals on Woolite so I can try a bottle so let me know if you find a good deal.  Do any of you use Woolite?  Does it live up to the claims and is it worth the extra money?


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